heroin... trying to quit... people in df i need you :( - Part 11

By HEROINSUCKS · Sep 6, 2014 · ·
  1. Marathon hello!
    Well as for me getting jumped, it was behind target and some group of guys just walked around the corner to where i was at just minding my own business. But yeah ill be fine. Thank you though!

    I will take your word for it and go to the church and seek help even if its bits of food. I knoe i wont be able to eat for a while from being sick but i know i should. Yeah i kno ill probably need help but im going to try to stay away from anything that has to due with me paying a big bill after. I know it sounds rediculous but thats just going to cause a lot of stress and anxiety but if i cant do it myself i guess ill have no other choice to. I dont want anyone here getting mad at me for saying something like that D: i know my health is worth it but im going to try to not pay bills later at first heh.

    12 hours in is great, just remember 1 hour is better than nothing and that it adds up. I know we can do this together mel! I shall respond to your dm now!r


  1. Once.up.on.a.time
    Hey Hun

    How are you? Did you go to the church?

    I'm in the UK so have no idea how it works in America but in the UK we have homeless shelters and local charities will help.

    As your young as well they have special programmes for young people.

    My heart is breaking for you and I'm so worried. I wish you were near me so I could help you.

    I'm sorry but your family are nothing short of a disgrace. How can u throw out someone you love.

    Please let this be the motivation you need to show them a big fuck you.

    That you can do it in your own.

    Were here for you. Please Direct/ Private message me if you want to talk quicker as I have a few threads I like to keep up with so may not always be here quick as you need me.

    Sending love and strength

    Fairy Princess xxx
    Aw thanks fairy princess! Yeah ill dm you if you feel is easier!
  3. Once.up.on.a.time
    If you want a quick reply and need someone to talk to ASAP please DM me sweetheart.

    How are you? What's your status at the moment?

    Sending much love xxx
  4. Gabriell
    [QUOTE=HEROINSUCKS;1506318 i think some of you are getting confused on something, about the rehab i dont think the people in there would push me away but the fact that rehab is expensive and would have to ask for it to happen. And the people that don't know i do it will be the ones that push me away if i told them. Na i would probably give it a try after i get over the physical withdrawals to help me further down the road. I really appreciate your guys advice and support and feedback.

    Now for the shitty part. Sense ive been told i should try telling someone close to me. Well i told my sis and she got disgusted and told my mom and my family and now im getting kicked out and they want nothing to do with me. This is what i was afraid of. Im so depressed now and crying and i never cry. Its only a matter of minutes before the rest of the other people i love and care about know now.

    I dont have anything to look forward to anymore. Im a fuck up. I love all you guys and thank you for being there for me as i can clearly see you guys are all i have. Oh and one thing about the if i have enough money to get a dub then i should have money for meds to help me detox. Yes you are right about that but i didnt make myself very clear. I got dubs here and there by giving my dealer a ride to places and such so i didnt really need cash to get a dub, so im still pretty much broke.


    Hello there,
    Hope that you've found a reason to keep on going despite all your "black" thoughts and all the physical pain that you have surely experienced by now and you are still aware of the fact that a change must made at once.
    As for your first post, I would like to clarify some aspects: 1) you have made the first step in rehab when you decided, by yourself, that you need to stop using heroin and you turned for help asking advices here ;
    2) you can find free specialized counselling centres(non-profit organisations) for drug addiction where you can go for help. People there are more then happy to provide counselling, to give you medication(prescription) that is meant to ease up the pain during the Detox process, to make you regain your self confidence and to guide you through the process of opening in front of your friends and family, making sure that everyone has a good understanding about this addiction and they wont reject you or consider you any less.

    I realize that in such moments, you have a slightly different perception about the people around you, but you must know that those who stand by your side, your family and friends, are able to forgive and to understand.

    In conclusion, I strongly suggest that you reach out for professional help. Look for Shout SA or helpguide organisation and you will find people willing to support you.

    Good luck!
  5. marathonmel7
    Hey HS, just checking in on you. I'm wondering how you're doing. Hope you're hanging in there and making it. Update us when you can.
  6. scentofevergreens

    Your posts have really gotten to me. I'm so hurt for what you are going through and so sad that people are not being supportive. Forgive them--some people just can't deal with anything they find frightening or painful. My family is similar.

    I really think you've got to reach out!! You have got to seek help and support from another breathing human being who is there with you. I know it is so tough finding rehab resources, but they ARE out there, even if you lack ability to pay.

    DO NOT be afraid to go to a church. Friend, if you don't get a good response, then go to another. Eventually you will find friendship and comfort. You are so very young: my own kids are a few years older than you. You have so very much to live for!! I know you are grieving for a lost relationship. You may have heard it a thousand times, but it gets better--it surely does. Your heart WILL heal. But right now you need to get well. Some people say there is no recovery for Heroin addicts, but countless people have proved them wrong. Still, I think you need help with this. You mentioned fear of rejection of folks find out about it. Well, haven't some of them already done just that? Again, forgive them. Feeling bitter about it won't help you. Please try and try to put aside what others think and focus on getting you well. I'm going to pray for you, Friend, and I'm not going to give up for you. And I plead with you to not give up. If things get unbearable, please reach out. Some great people who've helped me through some very dark times were the Samaritans. They will talk to you via phone, or even just talk via email. Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed. They are 100% non-judgmental; they just listen and support you and offer some insight.

    You sound like a person with a lovely heart. We NEED you to be on this earth. Sending you love and support and a huge virtual hug. And I'm going to pray for you!!

    **Never be afraid to cry, or talk about what you are going through. That's how we heal. And we lean on one another.
  7. Serak The Preparer
    I hope you've managed to sort out some accommodation and a script by now. It always seems brutal that the poor get a rough deal with healthcare in the "land of the free"

    If not I hope you've at least made some friends, got into a routine and hunted down a source of food. As was mentioned above, it's probably best in the long run not to keep going back to your dealer since nobody works for free!!

    Stay safe and look after yourself HEROINSUCKS
  8. marathonmel7
    Just to let everyone know who's been following this thread. OP is doing ok. He said to tell you all that he's having technical difficulties with his phone and can't access DF. He's been struggling on the streets and hasn't been able to stay clean smoking a little bit here and there. He's ok, just struggling like the rest of us. He'll post when he can.
  9. Once.up.on.a.time
    Hey sweetheart

    Been worrying about you. I wish you were in the UK I would gladly look after you.

    Please try and find accommodation.

    Your family can not want to see you on the streets or your friends .

    Keep us updated, your in my thoughts and heart.

    Much much love to you xxxx
  10. marathonmel7
    Hey all I spoke to Op and he's back at home. His parents let him come back. He's struggling to get clean. He had 22 hours clean today and then caved in and smoked a little. He's glad to be back at home so he can withdraw in the comforts of his own home. He's doing much better and is no longer on the streets which is so good. I am so happy he's back at home where he belongs and is safe. We are trying to get clean together. Tomorrow is our start date. He sounds really fed up with using as am I. So together, we are going to do it!

    Anyways, just want to let everyone know he's ok and is home. He'll post when he can. DF is not working for him for some reason. Maybe it's his phone, he's not sure. Take care all.
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