heroin... trying to quit... people in df i need you :( - Part 2

By HEROINSUCKS · Aug 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Hi guys. Thanjs for the reply. Im just really needing support mostly. And yea you have a point but rehab is out of the question cus if people found out i did this i would be pushed away in an instant. So i cant really ask for help with other meds as well for detoxing as im poor too or they would know. I got reccommended na but i dont think its for me. Probably after i get through withdrawals i would def consider it but defiantly wont be able to go being dopesick.

    How long does it take for withdrawals to go away for the worst part and be able to do things some what for you guys? I tried to stop yesterday but then couldnt handle it and got a 20 sack today, ugh. So difficult. I feel like its impossible for me. I feel so weak and alone. I know youve seen this all before but i dont know what else to say. I guess tomorrow is another go...


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    So you are telling us you can't go to rehab because people would shove you away - and that you can't manage it on your own and that you cant buy meds cause you're poor.

    Now, I have no idea about med prices in your country - but I'd say if you can buy a 20 bag every two days you can also spend this money on helpful medication that will be helping you with withdrawal.

    take two weeks off for detoxing and you will be fine . Probably even faster.

    But thats only detox and does not give a guarantee on not relapsing..

    Dude, your Profile says you are twentyfive - where is the problem to go to rehab? "people" can't be the reason - you have gotten addicted around whatever "people" you mean with this - so keeping contact to exactly these people will not make you clean or help you stay clean after detoxing.

    Take a decision for detox, best supervised AND rehab or get onto a maintenance program - methadone or buprenorphine - reduce by steps and then become drug-free when you don't have to fear to lose people.

    And no, - before you say it - nothing is not an option.
    The only no option that exists is lead a satisfying life whilst addicted to illegal drugs.

    Take a decision.

    wishing you enlightenment
  2. opiatebattler
    I agree with BBW here HEROINSUCKS...

    Yes, there is a bit of stigma attached to going to rehab...but the benefits far outweigh this. I am on my second time in rehab and i find people are nothing but supportive of me. People i meet congratulate me on my decision to change my life. Staying an addict has alot more stigma and negative aspects attached.

    Spending 20 on gear yet saying you cannot buy any comfort meds? That contradicts itself brother.

    Buying more gear is the easy road. Recovery is the hard road and one you are well worth the effort of taking.

    Challenging you is my way of caring. You reached out for support and we are happy to give. Wanting to change is not merely enough on its own...you need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to make those changes happen.

    To your question about how long withdrawal lasts...5 days is the standard for me. First 3 are the hardest, then it eases up each day after. Once the physical part subsides its just the head that keeps going. Once the physical symptoms subside, its still hard to push yourself to do the right thing. Its not impossible though. Sometimes i cling to mantras like 'I can compell my muscles and limbs to act in spite of my feelings' and an adaption of 'Just for today' in which i tell myself i can get through the next X amount of time, even though i would hate to have to do that for the rest of my life.

    Ive been clean 4 months now after 7 years on the gear and i still think about using and struggle at times to function...but i push myself to overcome these thoughts as quickly as possible.

    If NA wasnt for you, look into what other groups are available in your area. There are groups like SMART recovery and the Grow mental health movement that may be to your liking. Recovery is not a one fits all thing. Different things work for different people. Sometimes we need to do a bit of shopping to find what fits.

    I personally would save going onto a maintenance program as a last resort after everything els has been tried. Being chained to a clinic is not nice, but then again its better than being chained to gear, just not by much IMHO.

    How about making a definite plan for your recovery? Make some calls to service providers, talk to your Dr, decide on a date to detox and stick to it, make plans for how your going to stay sober.

    The reality test of how much you value anything, is how much you are prepared to sacrifice, when necessary, to secure it.

    How much do you value yourself and how much do you really want a different life?

    Stay strong and safe
  3. Alka_holic
    HS, sorry brother you are going through these tough times. I was in a very similar situation like you but with alcohol. I wanted so bad to stop but with what was going on with my life like work and relationships I just couldn't do it. I was diggin my early grave with every sip of the devils nectar.

    And during the whole time I felt alone. Like no one understood and kept telling me that I was weak for letting it get to the point where I was at. So with all the negative feelings I drifted further and further into a real deal alcohol problem. It finally got so bad that I was taken to the hospital..TWICE..in 2 days!

    It was bad. I was ashamed and really embarrassed with my actions and had so much guilt for what my actions and negative decisions got me into. But something happened. I made a choice to stop. And tgise same people that I felt would shun me did the exact opposite and made it their number 1 priority to see that I would get the help I needed. Unfortunately I had to hit rock bottom to see that the help was there all along, I just had to admit m problem and ask for help.

    And that's why I'm saying all this because I know you mentioned that you can't tell people about your addiction but c'mon man. You gotta start someplace. Confide in those closest to you and you will be surprised on the reactions and help they will pour onto you.

    Goodluck man, don't let it get to rock bottom because sometimes when you're down that low you just might never get back up.
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