heroin... trying to quit... people in df i need you :( - Part 4

By HEROINSUCKS · Aug 31, 2014 · ·
  1. Bigbadwolf
    Thank you for being there for me. Im sorry if i dont get to respond to everything as im now using my broken phone sitting in a corner on the street cus now im kicked out. I really do love my family and it hurts to know they want nothing to do with me. And now my ex that i was head over heels for pretty much thinks the same way. Everyone i love is gone. Ive never been homeless. I know its the drug and not me but i cant stop thi.king that im a fuck up and lost everyone that i ever cared for because of my stupid addiction.

    I am going to have to seek help like you said. Theres not many places around me and i have to walk everywhere now so i dont knoe what to do about that,but defiantly cant afford anything to do with money. I wish i didnt tell anyone. I thank you so much bud for supporting me. I am a mess and crying and i never cry so its nuts. I may just have met you but you truly are an amazing person already and glad to know i have you in my life.

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    So i am sitting here really sick and sweating and look horrible and crying from everything that has happened and some guys just walked passed by me and i could hear him say ew that dude looks like hes drug sick and is trash. Ive never heard that from anyone before and it just hit me rock bottom as if it could get anymore worst. That was really rude but i couldnt help but feel like its true, so i just am still sitting here with my head doen trying to hide from everyone and not disgust them


  1. Serak The Preparer

    I went through the same thing at roughly your age. If there is no recourse with your parents then you'll have to put on some friends for help as a stop gap (Trust me you'll find out who/any are real friends) If you have to sleep rough find somewhere relatively safe and keep it a secret. Hopefully it's warm where you are.

    You'll need to be able to store all things that you need locally too, clothes for example. You'll gradually lose everything by hauling it around the streets otherwise.

    Sitting on the floor and crying will greatly increase your chances of getting turned over so I'd avoid that if possible.

    You need to access services ASAP. Get on a script, see if your version of local government will help you find a place to live, get benefits, find a source of food if you have none, register at a library. You'll probably need some ID to get the ball rolling with these things so keep it with you at all times. You may need an address for correspondence (In the UK churches will do this so ask there?)


    I can see you're upset about losing loved ones. It won't always be that way. Once you start to turn things around, your family will begin to trust you more and slowly return to normal. If you need something to motivate you, let this be it.

    Think carefully if you're tempted to steal to buy drugs. Most of your problems can be remedied with a degree of effort/support but at 25 you don't need to start picking up a criminal record as it's harder to break these cycles when you're unemployable.

    If you end up making friends with homeless people or living in a squat or something then using needles will probably become normalised to you, really really don't start with that and never share. I've just done 5 months of Hep C treatment for 1 stupid mistake and it's not worth it.

    Most importantly - Look after yourself!!!!
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