Hi I'm new and I'm going through the perverbial "IT" - Part 2

By Halodrol · Oct 13, 2014 ·
  1. I'm in week two. I used the gabapentin hardly and not in a proper enough dose to be relavent. The baclofen and lopermide are an opiate addicts savior. I was addicted and scared for years and went into withdrawls that I felt like death itself. If this knowledge was more widespread I can only imagine how many people could come back from the depravity that these substances cause.

    Though I crave the high on a daily bases. I'm not inclined to indulge it. I know as certain As one can know I'll never go near suboxone again. And that I was lucky that I got off so easy.i snorted or smoke over 300 mg of roxicontin a day before the subs. And if I couldn't get those it would be every other opiate under the sun from opana to norco. I'm lethargic but barely, my only vice has been a little kratom once a day at night 3grams max to help sleep. But that's just my habitual nature. Feeding the brain with a vice. I can go without it and I do just to make sure I don't get caught up. To be honest the amount of kratom it would take to do anything remotely to getting high would be ridiculous seeing as my tolerance to anything is astronomical and doesn't seem to ever have declined. Thank you guys for the kind words. I'm out of the woods with suboxone. And that stuff is brutal withdrawls. I'm rambling. But it's my thread.

    I can't say enough to recommend baclofen and lopermide is wonderful. And not in the copious amounts recommended on a lot of threads I started the lope on a butt plugging(and I mean rock turd creation) 30mg. But to help the tummy and rls which is my greatest fear I was good with 4 mg two times a day. I had a two day break between the baclofen and the kratom . I just can't believe how easy I got off compared to the weeks of misery I endured last time I stopped bupe.


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    Also sorry I was enraptured in my own thoughts. Change is the goal . It won't come easy, but it's a banner I'm going to live by. You always hear it is to be good to be honest to other people. I think as an addict you first need to be honest to yourself. The denial I was blanketed in has been unravelling faster and faster. And the plethora of lies I told myself about it's ok it's fine doesn't affect anyone. It's insane. I miss the highs but they always come with harder lows.


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