how i finally got off suboxone after 5 years - Part 2

By corndog12 · Dec 13, 2014 · ·
  1. I didn't taper the loperamide, but I was definitely aware of replacing one addiction with another especially since suboxone withdrawal is so long that I had to take the lope for weeks. Towards the end of that period I started taking only what I felt I needed to feel better so it was less but I wasn't counting so I really wouldn't call it tapering. how long did you need it for oxycodone withdrawal?


  1. Jungledog
    I really was bad at keeping exact tract. Right now seems like one great big long fuzzy blur! I took the loperamide about 1 month this time. And then about 6 weeks or so of kratom. My step off has really been unbelievably mild but I felt pretty shitty the whole tapering time of 2.5 months.

    But I am clean...and planning on staying that way. But I realize now that the staying clean part is no picnic. Have to keep your mind clear...hard to do sometimes, ya know?
  2. Determined25
    What is lopermide?
  3. prescriptionperil
    The anti diarrhea medicine that goes by the brand name Imodium. Loperamide is it's generic name.
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