I Adore Wimmin

By PastorFuzz · Mar 4, 2019 · ·
  1. 3-4-19
    I adore wimmin. They're beautiful and fascinating and complex and intriguing and infuriating and tantalizing and perky and indecisive and exhilarating and playful and inspiring and insolent and loveable and precious and unique and appealing and naughty and sensitive and frisky and courageous and Screenshot_2019-03-03-19-08-35.png confusing and bold and brazen and sassy and emotional and defiant and angelic and mezmerizing and exhausting and mysterious and sensuous and arousing and kind and insightful and nurturing and caring and contrary and addictive and alluring and graceful and marvelous and charming and luscious and secretive and bizarre and warm and intoxicating and dazzling and ravishing and delectable and sweet and cute and toxic and refreshing and vivacious and wonderful and enticing and amazing and devoted and unpredictable and forgiving and uplifting and affectionate and spontaneous and awesome and drop-dead gorgeous and voluptuous and exotic and neurotic and mischievous and passionate and strong and sexy and elusive and sometimes they can make you drive your truck right thru a fence with just a smile. I adore wimmin.


  1. Nosferatus
    I concur, ALMOST makes all their bullshit worth it.
    1. la fee brune
      I like how you say "almost." ;)
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  2. Mingo123
    And we adore you - bullshit inclusive!
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    1. Nosferatus
      What bullshit?
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  3. PastorFuzz
    I don't know where that entry came from. It ain't what I set out to write, but I kinda liked it, cuda done it a lil better I guess. I do have enormous affection, love, and respect for wimmin.

    I post this entry as my tribute to all wimmin. Many thanx to all y'all for makin this place a far better more beautiful world xoxoxoxo!!!
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