I am afraid to quit codeine, the memory of withdrawal scares me - Part 30

By cren · Aug 20, 2014 ·
  1. I feel so much better.
    I got cravings for h back when I got post traumatic stress disorder and they just came out of nowhere and I didnt understand what was happening to me or why. I just thought I was falling apart and h would help.
    They gave me some stuff to read and apparently PTSD can trigger cravings even years after quitting. I was wrongly blaming the codeine. I feel better because I understand what was happening now and why.
    I will be ok if I just go slow and keep taking the antidepressants and dont give into the cravings. All the slip ups have set me back years. I will just try and keep all my doses regular no matter what kind of physical pain I am in because opaites dont help for that anyway.
    Knowing what was happening to me helped alot but at one stage I was struggling to be able to put that information into any context but now I am at a point where I can function well enough to be able to do that and make decisions accordingly. I guess for me at the moment thats progress.


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