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  1. not sure what made it happen. It seemed like it was impossible, I was locked in, and there was no way out.

    But I got so fucking miserable and upset at myself for living in this disgusting way, being out of control, relying on disgusting poppy juice to survive, that I just stopped.

    I have some suboxone, ativan, and immodium and used a bit of each over the past 3 days, but withdrawal has been surprisingly light so far.

    I want to get into normal living again.
    • Run every day
    • have sex often (have had no desire while on the tea)
    • work hard
    • spend good and real time with my family
    • and just live a NORMAL life with the happy and sad parts that come along with that.
    I want to feel pleasure, pain, and what it means to be human.

    fuck this drug.
    seriously, FUCK this drug.


  1. hamden
    Good job man, props to you and good luck in the future!
  2. airyoung01
    id watch your back if I was you, addiction tends to strike hardest when you least expect it. Just remember its never that easy too quit.
  3. KratomKing
    Completely agree bro, and also: great fucking job! Stay away from it as long as you can (stay away from it forever if possible). Btw, i have to say, if you want an alternative, or if you want something to help with withdrawals, I HIGHLY recommend buying kratom (preferably a white strain).
  4. figgy
    so far so good...
    been taking some ativan (not sure how genuine it is, but whatever)
    and around 2mg suboxone around 4am every day, (helps me fall back asleep for an hour or two)
    and that's it. no poppy seed tea. sex drive has returned, digestion has normalized, and I've started running again.
    the one thing that can bring me down is work. I'm not happy with my work situation, and that brings me down a lot. Hope that doesn't trigger me to use again.
    have tried kratom, but it just makes me nauseous. dunno, it never seems to do much for me.
    anyway, just wanted to touch base.
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