I didn’t ask for this and it got bigger than me

By Discussiongirl · Apr 13, 2019 · ·
  1. some back story, iv wasn’t my choice. Someone who held no regard to my life or my being alive, decided I needed to join him. I wasn’t interested in the least, I got way bent on the bowl. This was 12/13 years ago now so meth was something.

    So he has points, we always had dope, and I don’t know anything about it. I don’t want to do it.
    He says hold still or it’ll hurt.
    I don’t know the size of the hit I don’t know anything about this but my mind was blown in that instant
    The rush kept on for probably 30 mins. I wasn’t hooked immediately I wasn’t interested in doing it again.
    He’s hell bent on trying to break her but not even shooting her up will make her bow down. Knowing what I know now, he must have been amazed at my tolerance

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  1. jazzyj9
    So someone injected you with drugs against your will? That is assault. Have you considered getting away from this person?
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  2. Discussiongirl
    Oh yes I’ve been away from that person for 12-13 years now. But not before that, before he sold my identity, the abuse. I thank God for pulling me out of that situation.
    I just am putting my story out there so hopefully it helps someone, you can get away. I didn’t think I could.
    Now, here I am fairly healed, more physically than mentally, but apparently not doing so good if I’ve fallen off like this.
    I’ve got to stop but first stay off these arms at least a month. Hoping for forever but I’ll keep trying
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  3. Discussiongirl
    I guess I’m still in the aftermath of it all. I see a psychiatrist and I’m on meds. This is a bad habit and I been off it 12-13 years now. One of the seven deadly sins is greed. I was recently greedy in a situation and fucked my self over
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  4. Discussiongirl
    I don’t understand how these journals work lol
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