I finally confess my secret addiction to fiance (We are new parents) 4 Days sober - Part 4

By Ifiwereabird · Apr 29, 2015 · ·
  1. Well, 6 days clean. That's alot for anyone who uses. Its an accomplishment I hold high. I'm never going back. I mean that. I'm ready to start living in the present. I haven't in a long time. My dealer showed up yesterday at my front door literally with goods. Funny. He's never stopped by. He is so fucking lucky my fiance was not home... Anyway, I said nope, I don't want your shit. Bye.

    I didn't even bat an eye.

    I'm seeing a highly recommended therapist in the PPD community first thing tomorrow. He does individual and holds groups with other mommies so I think I will benefit tremendously. Oh, and he does couple counseling.... Think I'm going to need that. As far as treatment it's hard to find one that focus on Co occurring issues. I declined the one offered as it was centrally focused on calorie intake and progress was tracked by weight gain. The facility and myself agreed I would likely not benefit because there's more going on than calories. I'm not even underweight. Or overweight!

    But today is ending and tomorrow is soon to come. I am proud these are my words I'm writing. I'm hopeful. And even though physically I'm jet lagged and emotionally a color wheel of moods I am pushing....

    And pushing....


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    That`s terrific. And I fully understand how very proud of youself you are for confronting your dealer with a no, thank you, closed-door policy. Do let us knoww how things go day to day; many here have been in your shoes and know just how scary/rewarding such a transition can be. So please consider those of us here friends..
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