I got funding!

By Mr Bumble · Jun 21, 2017 · ·
  1. Sorry for going quiet. I relapsed big time, habit got bigger than its ever been and was eating diazepam to get proper put of my face. used with my ex a lot and she would keep the naloxone kit next to her incase I went over. I was really out of control.

    but somehow I made it to all the meetings and interviews I had to do for the funding panel and somehow I got it!

    So I'm day 2 into my cluck and as soon as the worst is over I'm of to rehab. I'll only be allowed my phone for an hour at weekend so I'll try to keep you all updated.

    big love Bumble

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    Mr Bumble
    35 years old and been an addict for over 20 years now. Detoxing I can do but staying clean is a battle I keep losing. I'll keep on fighting though
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  1. aemetha
    Well done Bumble, I'm happy for you. Make it stick, it's a really great opportunity. How long is the rehab?
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  2. Mr Bumble
    3 month's to start with but can extend for up to a year in think in secondary care
  3. aemetha
    Wow, that's a fantastic chance. Best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll make the most of it.
  4. trdofbeingtrd
    You don't actually fail until you quit trying.

    It's not easy to let go of that feeling.... best of thoughts your way.
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  5. Mr Bumble
    I never quit trying. whenever I'm addicted I'm planning my detox. one day I'll crack it. hopefully rehab is what I need
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  6. torn2bits
    Man, I hope your cracking it as I type this Bumble.
    It's not worth the rat race, here's hoping each minute gets better
  7. ladywolf2012
    Bumble, Sir:

    What I love about you is that you NEVER stop trying, and you are also never too proud to admit to us that you have goofed again and are trying to get back on the road. This sounds like a great opportunity and I hope you make the best of it! Go, Bumble!
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