1. Addiction & our brains are so complex.
    I feel like I have two brains, with different thoughts lol.
    The real me wants to stay off heroin, I understand it's the right thing to do.
    Then I have other thoughts that say I could have a smoke for a treat or use once or twice a month.
    Im not going to listen to that thoughts, just more of an observation. It's amazing the length my head will go to try to talk myself into having a smoke.
    I know full well occasional use doesn't work for me, it would just creep up untill I had another habit.
    Im thinking of the other person that wants to use as the beast, like in rational recovery.
    Talking to it & saying no actually works. Although I probably sound a bit mad
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  1. LAC
    Yes that's it exactly, the antidepressant does a lot of the work sorting out brain chemicals.
    I've come off heroin a few times, a methadone script & dihydrocodeine in the past & never had paws. Im sure it's because of antidepressants.
    I used to be very unhealthy while using in the past. I'd barely eat & when I did it would be cakes etc lol.
    This time because I have my boys I've kept up a routine of making healthy meals, walking etc. Usually I had to force food down. So I haven't noticed much lifestyle changes this time but that's down to being a Mum.
    I think your right, all the healthy tips probably would make a difference. I struggle with motivation to take care of my health but because I do for my son's it makes me look after myself more too.
    The supplements you mentioned are meant to help with feeling happy but I've never tried them xxx
  2. Yellow Brick Reality
    The antidepressant helps with serotonin levels. It takes exercise, dark chocolate, dare I mention sex to get those feel good endorphins going again.
    So many things get dampened down in the brain on long term opiates. GABA is one. But it is only one. It takes time more than anything else to get our brains going back to a “normal “ balance. But the antidepressant can help a lot with keeping depression at bay. It takes 4-6 weeks for an antidepressant to really begin to work. Starting now is the best thing to do in my opinion. For any of us already prone to depression and knowing that withdrawal can worsen it.
    Getting off antidepressants is so easy comparatively. They aren’t addictive. They just give some withdrawal symptoms if you come off too fast. There’s a huge difference! I know well the difference now! I still thought it was a no brainer to get back on one for a year or so. I’ve been on several in my lifetime already and I take paroxetine now. It’s one of the better ones for helping with anxiety and depression.
    I had been tested to be very low in vitamin B12,magnesium and D. I’ve been supplementing during withdrawals and my labs from 2 weeks ago showed I have normal levels now.
    Do I feel the difference? Hard to say. But do the supplements work? Evidently they do for me.
    Being vitamin defecient leads to a lot of problems health wise and mental health rise too.
    Most opiate addicts are deficient in all 3 I mentioned. Asking for a simple blood test could verify if you are low in these as well.
    I think of it as a journey towards wellness. It’s not going to happen overnight. But 2-4 months is a reasonable time frame to expect huge improvements. It’s 29 days for me and I feel a lot better mentally. I know for myself I would not be feeling this way without the paroxetine.
    Gabapentin can help withdrawals too. Asking for this tomorrow could really help with your rattle too. They usually start low though and you will probably need at least a moderate dose during withdrawals to feel an advantage. It’s used for fibromyalgia and nerve pain. A complaint of sciatica will work too.
  3. LAC
    I forgot about gabapentin. They really help with withdrawels.
    If I hadn't already been on citalopram I don't think I would of started a detox without getting one prescribed & waiting a few weeks.
    I really should look into vitamins more. The only one I take is vitamin d.
    Wow YBR 29 days is amazing, you are a star xxx
  4. Lo24
    Thanks ladies. I would not be surprised if I was deficient in all sorts of stuff... I've been vegetarian for about twenty something years, and for many of those I've also been an addict so eating well and taking care of myself hasn't been a priority. Like you LAC cakes and junk food, high sugar stuff is what I go for when I eat at all.
    I can feel my body is suffering as well as my mind. I have a appointment tomoro so ill reel of the list and see what they say. Dunno if I dare throw a bit of sciatica in there too lol... I'll see how it goes !! Thanks for the advice tho. You two are a great help to me xx
  5. LAC
    Just play it by ear at the doctor, you will sense if it's cool to say you have sciatica.
    Because my doctor notes on the computer still show I was on methadone over a decade ago they won't prescribe me anything lol. Now & again I've had zimovane from my Gp to help re set my sleep pattern.
    This is random but has anyone heard from mega_noob xxx
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  6. Lozzle81
    Wow LAC I just want to say I think you are doing amazingly well! To have so much going on and to have had a tiny lapse is fantastic and sometimes a blip like that is good cos it scares us with how easy it would be to slip back but you’re still going hun! Also to smoke it and not dig it is massive cos jeez that needle can become an addiction all on its own. Honestly I think you’re doing fab and I just hope that I can follow in your footsteps.

    Much love xxxxx
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  7. LAC
    Thanks Lozzle. I really need to focus on the positive instead of being annoyed at small lapses.
    When I think about it properly, it is great to be away from daily use.
    I am pleased to have stuck to smoking. Before my long clean time I definitely did have a needle fixation. The thought of it now makes me feel squemish xxxx
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  8. LAC
    I really miss you guys, thanks for helping me through.
    Im around to help anyone if I can xx
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  9. Yellow Brick Reality
    Hi @LAC I miss you guys too.
    I’m taking a break from the site and trying to put my own withdrawal behind me now. 6 months is long enough!!
    I’ve been smoking pot a few times because fuck it! Lol
    I wish I could say I’m fine now but I’m still struggling. Mostly because I’m in a good deal of pain. Nothing I have now helps much at all.
    Maybe losing weight would help
    But it’s not like my weight is causing my pain though. I need to lose about 20 lbs. But I’ve gained weight now from the gabapentin. I don’t think I can manage without it though.
    I’ve been focused on Christmas shopping online and that’s a huge reason I’ve been away for a while. I’m still going to come back and support the site though. I’m just vacationing from it a bit! Lol
  10. LAC
    I totally understand why you would want to put your withdrawals behind you.
    Sorry to hear you are in pain, I hope something can be done to manage that for you.
    Enjoy Christmas shopping.
    Lots of love xxx
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