I made it ONE MONTH!!!

By Roe_C · Aug 23, 2017 · ·
  1. One month clean today & 3 years my fathers gone. It honestly feels like an eternity since Ive done meth. Its a rough day my father was my best friend my only family member on my side & I would love nothing more than to get high & be completely numb to it all. But instead im hanging out watching a movie relaxing because i know he'd be so disappointed if i got spun. So for now Im thankful to be another day clean & alive & well.
    Maybe when im like 80 & honestly have nothing but boredom & bingo in the old age home ill get a big bag of meth & have one last horrah! PicsArt_08-15-09.19.35.jpg PicsArt_08-15-09.19.35.jpg


  1. torn2bits
    Awesome...that's a hurdle!
    1. Roe_C
      Thanks! Its not easy
  2. Boppy777
    Well done, a day at a time and months will become year's
    1. Roe_C
      I hope so. Just taking it slow & trying to stay positive
  3. torn2bits
    For myself, 6 weeks was the answer.
    At six weeks I could sleep 5-6 hours without medicine to help, so I got closer to normal.
    Hang in there, you got this
    1. Roe_C
      I do 2 or 3 advil pm every night to take the edge off but the restless leg kills me. Im hangin in there. This too shall pass
  4. torn2bits
    Right on..
    Tough to deal with, but worth it,to not think about how much medicine you gotta have each day. Etc, worth it!
    Cal/Mag is worth a shot, maybe alternate Tylenol PM with Ibuprofen, to minimize the NSAID, effect on your stomach,since you'll be getting your stomach in working order.
    1. Roe_C
      What is cal/mag? I think im gonna try some sleepy time tea or maybe kava kava or valerian root. Not being fucked up all the time is such a weird feeling & anything & everything is q trigger. They say people places things but how do you do that when your home is your biggest trigger. I just oeep tellinf myself i got this.
  5. torn2bits
    Calsium and magesium, sorry I shouldn't have abreviated that, but it's sold like that on most labels as "cal/mag".

    Potassium, I'm unsure why aside from shitty diet but long term opiate pain patients have 3 common issues:
    Calsium defition
    Magnesium & Potassium...low vitamin D aswell.
    I'm no health nut but cal/mag will relax you naturally as well as help RLS.
    After long-term use, anyone is terrible low in minerals,very common.
    Hey, I gotta saw your awesome,to walk away from a thing that kills people & steals away their life, well:
    ....Your Freaking Awesome, don't discount your progress, some NEVER get this far, it takes Spirit....best to ya ToRn
  6. torn2bits
    Oh...you mentioned the "feeling" & I call it being "Raw" or "Skinned (skint)"..

    It's like each thing you do, it's as if your suddenly to dumb to do them and Lord forbid if they're stressful... because anxiety is AUTOMATIC even at a month.
    I hear folks say "well it's been 6 days" I'm all better.
    I'll be brief and say that I had a HEFTY pain management dosage of Ms.Cintin & Norco, I took this for 5 years multiple surgeries & bluntly I'm not the kinda man that accepts thus world's ability to CRAP ON ME, so I threw a urinalyses cup FULL at a nurse that called me #32...they used numbers, seemed like i imagine prison to be.
    Stopped cold staring at a bottle of Percocet for 6 weeks, no taper nothing.
    It was hell, basically it was hell for almost 7 weeks.
    Your at a pivatal point in your withdrawal.
    You'll be tempted a lil extra now, but the Great news is you'll have a few good days, then it'll impress inside your soul, there will be more good days.
    Recognize everything your happy to still have in life, this reinforces positivity to our minds, sounds foolish but very true.
    Count the good stuff, because just 2 weeks ago you where freezing and sweating while wishing you weren't in the bathroom AGAIN.
    So see what I mean?....
    It's because I've done it I'm roughly a year 7 months outside of it aswell.
    "Screw a pain pill, I've got iron will"hang tight you'll loose that feeling pretty soon now.
    Again, it ain't no 6 days that'll fix this kinda stuff ya know?
  7. Roe_C
    Im hangin tight. I have far too much to loose & when i get my moments i think about what i went thru to get here & how shitty a ride its been then i ask myself do you really want to start back at square one? No i dont. I really appreciate youre advice & helpful words its not an easy thing to go through
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  8. Loni
    You can do this, believe me it gets easier. I've been clean for 4 months now and I love it. Believe in you. :) Sending you strength and hugs :)
    1. Roe_C
      @Loni awe thank you so much! I can definately use them. I'm staying strong & staying positive. One day at a time!
  9. torn2bits
    Stick it out Roe!!
    I'm hoping each minutes better for you, just seems like forever!
    Stay strong smile big and never doubt your ability to WALK AWAY from a substance.
    Heck look around I'm sure you see it, so many in the rat race DAILY you know because they feel they have to have it or they'll be deathly ill feeling.
    Not my friend Roe...keep at it ~ToRn
    1. Roe_C
      Im sticking it out! Staying strong & smiling big. I definately got this. I've come way too far to turn back. I was at work last night & I was thinking back on this journew & I'm embarrassed & ashamed of who I was. I don't known if you know this but your words of encouragement really help I really appreciate it!
  10. torn2bits
    Hey Roe,
    I'm really glad you see the distance you've made it....it's tough, some sadly die from various ways when steady upping doses, well it's sad.
    Roe, it's a new day in your life,hold your hands up in the sunlight and know the YOU ARE DOING THIS, lil support always helps, but your awesome for stepping away & journaling your progress.
    I believe oneday another person will read this and think : Hmmm I think I show quit aswell and YOU are a of example of this fact.
    Keep Smiling & be proud, you deserve it.
    Keep it up, maybe help another person oneday, that's what we're all really here for .
    Take care, ToRn
    1. Roe_C
      Death was my biggest fear. I am the only responsible parent my boys have if something happened to me I'd never forgive myself I don't know where'd they go & that's selfish they didn't ask for this. As responsible & functional of an addict (if that's possible) I was if something happened to & had to go with their father they would have no chance at a normal life. They are my strength they are my world they are my everything!
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