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By marathonmel7 · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
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    I have six bulging discs in my back. I haven't had an MRI since 2011 though. All my paperwork is packed in my storage unit so I can't get at it to show any future doctors. The last time I went to the doc they said surgery. But, I can't do that right now as I have no post op care from anyone nor can I miss work. Plus I will not let the VA operate on me. They are a bunch of degenerates. I don't know what i'm going to do as of right now. We'll see. No solution as of yet.


  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    You can get copies of your 2011 MRI sent to you from wherever the MRI was done. Just have any doctor (even VA) call the hospital or facility and they'll forward them. Might come in handy when you finally do find a doctor.

    Then maybe you can get some help with your pain. Even the VA can't ignore 6 bulged disks showing on an MRI.
  2. marathonmel7
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    In my apartment complex but can't get to all my paperwork. It's buried.
  3. Beenthere2Hippie
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    Got cha.
  4. Jungledog
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)


    Yeah, we get each other. Rape stripped away my sense of security and it has never been restored. My neck and arm injuries though were from a psychotic patient who beat the shit out of me. It was just the ER, not Iraq so the two incidents can't be compared. I wish it had not happened to you.

    We both get defensive about treating our pain which if you think about it is crazy. We have pain and it is OK to treat it when there is no high.

    Hope we both have better days tomorrow. We need resolution.
  5. SoozyQ
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)


    Just wanted to say well done you for getting off the heroin :)

    I just posted elsewhere that it seems we are prone to all sorts of colds/flu etc when first getting clean. When I first stopped methadone I had two bad colds and sinusitis. I couldn't remember the last time I'd been sick.

    You have done such an amazing job, considering all you have to deal with. Try to keep positive because I guarantee you'll feel better as the weeks go by :) Apart from your back and seriously, do you have to wear high heels? My back would be stuffed if I even tried to do that. And I don't have anywhere near the bad back you have.

    Love to you and give yourself a big pat (gently) on the back for getting heroin out of your life. That's huge

  6. lostlygirl
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    Hi Mel,

    I just caught up on your thread. My Bro came into town unexpectedly on New Years Eve from Utah. He walked out on his wife and wasn't doing so well. He stayed a few days and I put off everything I needed to get done to hang out with him. It took a few days after he left to catch up on everything.

    You are doing really well!! Congrats on making it this far, that is NO easy accomplishment. Mad props to you, girl! You deserve it (and coffee and cigs). I took a peek at your picture and you are one good looking gal! I can see why all the guys are after you :).

    I am a coke drinker myself, lol! That's got to be worse than all of it... all that sugar!! It's my guilty pleasure and no one is taking it away.... There nothing like a lunch of raw vegies and a can of coke...hahaha! Yes, I actually do that.

    I am sorry to hear about your back, but completely understand. I would imagine that starting a new job would just kill your back. It's probably going to take a few weeks for your back to get used to it. I am glad you have the hydro's to help. Chronic pain is a beast. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. The cold weather and high heals doesn't help.

    It sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up. When does your friend arrive? I have a date this weekend as well that I am rather looking forward to. Perhaps this will be a great weekend for both of us?!

    Cheers and love, my friend!
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