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By marathonmel7 · Jan 22, 2015 · ·
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    Day 48… I pretty much slept all day. I am so run down and the medicine the doctors have me on is making me so sick. I cut down on the mgs taken per day to help. I can't keep food down and I'm having major gastrointestinal issues, i will spare you all the details. I go back to work tomorrow. I'm just trying to take it easy and heal my body. Anyone have any suggestions on what supplements I can take to help strengthen my immune system? I'm going to go tomorrow and get some vitamins. i was thinking of a multi-vitamin with iron since I'm anemic. Then was going to get a vitamin b complex and some fish oil. Anyone have any other suggestions that have helped them? I clearly need all the help I can get. I've been running a fever on and off for a few days now. The VA doctors are no help. I am going to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist, a civilian doctor. I just have to research a good one and one that takes my insurance tricare.

    i cut back on cigarettes. i was smoking a pack a day and now I'm smoking a pack every three days. I'm going to keep trying to cut back but it's hard. That's my outlet. It helps my cravings with heroin believe it or not. So, I'm not able to quit just yet. Maybe after I get a good three to six months clean under my belt. Anyways. Nothing too new to report. Just trying to hang in there.

    I'm excited for this weekend. My new guy is coming to stay the weekend with me. I am so excited to see him. We really like each other. We talk everyday for a couple of hours. He's amazing and everything I want in a guy. it's too good to be true. I almost feel like I don't deserve it. I'm so excited to see him in person though. We are going to have a lot of fun. I hope I'm feeling better by then. He'll be here Saturday and Sunday. We live about an hour and a half away from each other and he works a lot so I can't see him during the weekdays.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. I am trying to keep up on everyone's threads but I've been so sick so I haven't done a good job and I'm sorry. This has been a trying time for me health wise. i will get there though. i will get myself back. I know it. It's just going to take time for my body to heal. I'm trying to eat healthy and to drink lots of liquid. I also cut back on coffee. Even though I drink a lot of decaf I still feel like maybe cutting back will help me. Lots more water.

    Anyways, I can barely keep my eyes open so I am going to go to bed. Just wanted to check in. I'm still sober. I only take xanax when absolutely necessary and then a vicodin here and there when absolutely needed. My back hasn't been so bad because I've been in bed mostly the last week since I got the shingles. I do my best. That's all you can do really.

    Take care everyone. Keep fighting the good fight. Love to you and yours.


  1. BeachWalk
    Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    I took those EmergenC packets when I had shingles. You can get them at a drugstore. Believe it or not they really helped a lot to strengthen my immune system. I'm sure there are better ways of taking Vitamin C, but this is probably the fastest.

    I was going to say go slow on the relationship front but I won't. "They" say in all the various addiction groups not to get involved with anyone for a year. Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us. But we all do what we want anyway. That's how we learn. And survive.
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