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    I did have an echocardiogram and there is regurgitation. That is why the doctor was so concerned. I don't want to get into the specifics but he told me the exact opposite of what you're telling me. VA doctors are idiots though so who really knows what's wrong with me. I will go in to see more docs and let you all know. Until then just going to try and find a psychiatrist on the outside and get treated for my ptsd. Then, I will worry about my heart. And I already did google everything. As soon as I got home I read as much as I could on all of it. We'll see. I just don't know.


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    Good. Get a copy of your echo. The regurgitation will be staged as mild, moderate or severe. Mild and moderate just need to be watched. Severe means you need another type of echo called a TEE. It is more accurate. Once that is done, if it is severe then you need referral to a cardio vascular surgeon. I find that people who do not work in cardiology do not understand heart tests or conditions very well. We often get referrals and the people are scared out of their minds and think they are dying and nothing is wrong. You could have a valve that needs fixing but I would expect you to be symptomatic.

    Let me know. I can help you read the report.

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    Also, when you get echo look for the EF #. A normal number is between 50-70%. If the number is low, then that tells us you are developing heart failure. A TEE is a transesophageal echocardiogram. You are sedated and they place an ultrasound camera in your esophagus (eating tube) which is right next to your heart. They get excellent, close up, accurate pictures of your mitral valve this way. No cardiologist can determine if you need surgery based on a regular echocardiogram. Taking pictures through breast tissue and bone just isn't that accurate. It is a screening tool that needs to be backed up with the TEE. See what a cardiologist says. They will be able to give you accurate information. Do not freak until you speak with the cardiologist.

    I agree with concentrating on the ptsd.

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    Oh and I forgot (not feeling great today) to tell you that propanolol is an appropriate treatment for MVP. It is a beta blocker and it slows the heart rate. It can also help with anxiety. It makes most people tired so I tell them to take it at bedtime. I take a similar drug for my blood pressure.

    If you had heart failure (weakness called cardiomyopathy) they would have also started you on an ACE inhibitor. So that is good. You probably do not have weakness. Get the echo and PM me. I help you read it.
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