I really need some support, please help me - Part 219

By marathonmel7 · Mar 15, 2015 ·
  1. Re: I really need some support, please help me (Heroin)

    Day 101 I think… don't quote me on that. I don't feel like calculating the days right now though. Anyways…

    no update as far as health is concerned. I'm still really sick and the plans haven't changed. They added in a vitamin mix and B12 shots. I am not getting enough nutrients cause I'm sick all the time and can't eat really. So I guess this should help. I'm doing my best though. It's just every time I eat I feel like I'm going to throw it all back up. I'm only eating once a day if that. I'm doing my best. Still no word on surgery. It's up in the air right now until the infections are treated so no news in regards to that. I am dead tired though. I am in bed most of the time although…

    Today I went out on a coffee date with a new guy. It was nice. It lasted two hours. He's really cute and we got along well and we agreed to see each other again so all in all a success. I'm still not over my last guy but I'm moving forward anyways. Come to find out this new guy had the same exact thing done to him too so he knows how it feels. He doesn't seem like the type that would do this to me. And having gone through it I'm pretty sure he won't. Plus he's very straight up and straight forward and if he doesn't like something he says it. Very opinionated but in a good way not an unattractive way. He just knows what he wants and isn't going to settle. Very ambitious man. He's 35, two years older than me and very attractive and in shape and a hard worker. He's very busy though so I think our time will be limited for awhile which is fine by me because I have to rest. He was very concerned about my health issues but wasn't scared away by them like most. He just wants me to get better and offered to help in any way he can. So I thought that was nice.

    Tomorrow I am going to lunch with my lesbian friends. I love them dearly. They are so much fun and I feel so at home and happy when I am with them. I am glad to get out of the house a little but I can't do too much or I get fatigued rather quickly. So after my DUI class tomorrow we are going to get burgers and beer. I will probably skip the drinking since I'm on so much medication but at any rate I am looking forward to it. It's nice to be social after having spent most of my time in bed.

    My new roommate is working out really well. In retrospect, I should have done this a long time ago. I need the money and having someone here is comforting. I am so used to being alone though but she just does her own thing and is very considerate and is neat and very positive. I haven't really disclosed too much of my past with her. She's one of those super positive people with virtually no trauma in her past and I don't think she can handle my past. So, I just keep things platonic. But we did have a tv night together and it was nice. It's nice having someone around to chat with or to help me with small tasks or to take care of bentley should I have to go to the hospital for long periods of time like Wednesday.

    So, all in all things are ok. I can't complain. Rent is paid and I've got enough money for food and for my dog and so I'm happy. I sold some personal items too for extra money and got some help from my Mom which was super nice of her. She paid my electric bill and my cell phone bill. So I can focus on my health. I'm still waiting on the jobs. I don't know yet. I'm waiting to meet the head guy to interview with but he's never in LA. He's always traveling. Once I meet him I believe I will get the job and hopefully start soon. Although I don't know how I will handle working ten hours a day with how sick I am. I will cross that road when I get there. So for now, I am just resting as much as possible. It's so damn hot here right now which makes me miserable. I hate the heat. I can't wait to move someday where it's cooler. It was 95 here today. Ugh. Disgusting. I wish I was in the snow or rain haha. I know, I'm crazy. But that's me and that's what I like and have always liked.

    So anyways, that's about it for me. Just wanted to update everyone really quickly. I'm hanging in there. Can't wait until I can work out again and ride my bike and run and lift weights. Can't wait!!

    Hope everyone is well. I'm going to go take some meds and lay down. Take care all!


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