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By marathonmel7 · Aug 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    Well thanks a bunch to those that replied to my delirious messages yesterday. I had had enough yesterday and it really shows in my writing. Anyways, today is day 1 and I haven't used this morning. I just got done with one job and I have one more later today to do. Not a big deal today. My back doesn't hurt too much. As far as strength training my back I can try to do that. I haven't been in the gym for awhile and I don't have the money for a membership just yet. I will soon enough though. If I stay off the dope I will have enough money to handle everything.

    ANyways. I am ok today. I don't have a day off for another 5 days but I have a few half days. I am not worried about it. I will take a day off after those 5 days are over and rest. It's ok for me. If I stay busy then I won't want to use. I will eat more too. Whenever I'm going through withdrawals I tend to get really hungry. So, soon I will be eating more. I had breakfast this morning. I will try and have lunch too. I don't know about dinner because I am always nauseous after working hard. But, I will try. You guys are all right though. I am going to take your suggestions. I need surgery on my back but the benefits may not outweigh the negatives. I am too young. I will figure all this out.

    Thanks for the support though. i really did need it yesterday. This place is amazing. i don't know what I would do without you guys. Thank you.


  1. tryhard
    Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    ay MELS you fucken hang in there mate , i have had more day 1s , then alot on here ya doing ok ,, i like to think of it like being in a holding pattern ,,, you are just about to land .......

    like you miss something , the pain , the endless wanting , the days on ,the hanging in between .....
    how do we do it , why do we do it..... all ways leads me back to the best way to hurt yourself , and feeling good about it .......
    untill you get sick of it ,,, then its the worst shit on earth...... it will never get sick of you , thats for shore...........

    mate you can do this , you can.........you to are a lot stronger then you relize !!!!
    all you have done mate , how far its been......




    CHARLIECAT AND JELS ,, yous to , this is for you aswell...9

    tell yourself you have had enough ........
    you can do this all of you , you can .......
    come on stay strong for you , how much shit have we
  2. fumee
    Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    I am on day 1 also off H, my bones are starting to hurt and I have 2 solid weeks of work starting tomorrow. I relate. Hang in there ~ ~

    You can do it! I try to remember the worst i feel is when the Heroin is leaving my body, that is healing. Sometimes it's minute by minute, but soon it will will hour by hour then day by day … and it gets better.
  3. Jels
    Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    Hey Mel, how's everything goin? Hang in there I'm thinking of you!
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