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By marathonmel7 · Sep 24, 2014 · ·
  1. Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    Thanks for the message Tryhard and everyone else. I am desperately trying to get into a program so that the courts will see that I'm trying.

    Today was bad. I was about 32 hours into my detox when I ended up caving in. I don't know why I did this. I sabotaged what little clean time I had. This is the longest I've gone in a very long time though. I did one shot and now I'm back to square on again. I'm still determined to beat this. i wish I could got to rehab because I think it'd help me at leas the demo portion would.

    I am going to stay the course now. Yes, I slipped up but I still really want to beat this addiction. I'm still a little sick so I don't know how this relapse will affect my detox process. I hope it doesn't set me too far back.

    I have a cycling event on Saturday with my friend. I know I'm going to be sick but I don't care. I have to do this bike ride. It's 62 miles. I'm not sure how many kilometers. Anyways, that's my motivation for getting clean. I don't want to be dopesick on my ride with my friend.

    I missed my vein tonight and now my arm is all swollen. I got frustrated and didn't really pay attention. I was feeling so bad and I just wanted to get the H into my body as soon as possible. Now my arm hurts. I deserve it though. That's what I get for being stupid.

    Anyways, I just wanted to update my thread so you guys can keep me accountable. I feel like success is right around the corner, Just need to work harder. I will do it. I can do it.


  1. softsins
    Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    sometimes we have to admit that maybe we aren't strong enough to beat the addiction on our own.
    i'm saying this because it took me deleting every contact i had in my phone, throwing away all my prep gear and needles before i even seriously decided to get clean.
    will you try to get rid of any reminders or possible contacts of heroin in your life? if you truly want to quit it'll be a huge gesture for you to be proud of. hang in there, detox is hard for everyone. you can do it!
  2. rapter
    Re: Heroin; I really need some support, please help me.

    Im glad for you hope to read the update soon and hope you doing good.
    Support from rapter.

    Softsins I have stop using but for some reason i alway's go back, It's not bad like before.
    But i would like to stop using forever it's there anyway i can do that with my hipower or maybe somthing else?
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