I tried but it rough fear the withdrawal will be rough like last time - Part 19

By tcttuck · Dec 29, 2014 · ·
  1. hey there I been struggling with this addiction this time for a year .I am happy to say I finally off it and it took for me to go to jail on a old. warrant I had 8 years ago. the withdraw this time was not as bad.I was just really sick for 3 day this time boy but the f first day I wanted to kill myself but I kept on saying it going to get better. but I do want to thank.everybody whoo.help me on this journey of mine and if I do slip up I will be back for help.I have learn allot from this site. thank u again everyone.I will keep u up date because it only been 28 days.


  1. D0pe
    tcttuck, It has been awhile man.. How are you doing ?... I hope you get a chance to come on here more frequently and update us on what is going on.. Things are always better when you have even just a small amount of support..
  2. tcttuck
    Hello I'm back on another struggle I have relapse for 1 year now but had two breaks inbetween so now I'm asking for some help. I'm about to start taking soboxon think I misspelled it. Any way I need to know the right way how to take it is in 8 me film 6 month ago I got off of the oxy cold turkey and I was fine after 4 days but it was rough so now I have this soboxon.
  3. Cwb20022
    Hey tcttuck

    I'm glad to hear you had at least some break from opiates. That's good. You know you can live without now. So how's stuff been?

    As far as suboxone goes its a really potent opiate. But there's not much a high associated with it. So it may help you out alot. If your habit is similar to what it was before I'd recommend a very small dose. No more then 2 MG's. But even less I'd say start with. Buprenorphine really is an amazing medication. To where even .5 mg will hold a lotof opiate addicts. So iI'd recommend starting with that and adjusting til you feel comfortable.

    I'm happy your asking for help again. It shows your determined to get rid of this demon once and for all.

    I wish you luck again. You know you have support here and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    stay positive. Peace.
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