I was a party girl, threw caution to the wind

By Discussiongirl · Apr 14, 2019 · ·
  1. So I’m 18 and I have 1 year old. Me and her daddy met partying and never stopped until we split up. (Not the guy who drugged me). I went sober for about a year, worked real hard at a nice legal job and took care of my baby.
    Well it didn’t take long for him to end up in jail and me to be unemployed and partying. Unsupportive family, or a lack of a support system is a recipe for disaster. ESP those with prior drug problems.
    Of course I was accepted with welcome arms back into the meth community. And that’s when things got ugly for me. I was young, only 22 or 23 naive and have a taste for danger.

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  1. David your friend
    It must have been tough to be a single parent. Only my dad stuck around to raise me and my two siblings when I was growing up. I can imagine some of the things you went through as you battled drug addiction and raised your child by yourself. I have a lot of respect for you. I really hope you have found support, my friend.
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  2. Discussiongirl
    Thank you so much, she does have wonderful family and things are good, she’s grown now!

    I’m still working towards making myself grow up lol
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  3. Discussiongirl
    Thursday April 18th. It’s 1:46am. About the fifth or so day I’ve been up. Been shooting meth, some pretty good meth, pretty regularly every 12 or so hours. Well that’s ten highs, hopefully rushes. How many times have I been poked tho?

    Geez. Sometimes it’s three or more. God help us all that carry this heavy disease around day and night. I haven’t been perfectly clean but I sure have been making the absolute best of what I can. I would never have thought I’d be pushing thru scar tissue and pain to register. I shake my head in disbelief. I didn’t want this. I didn’t. Now? But now? It’s all I want. I think of the chemical throat, maybe a cough before I check out for good.
    Which we all know is indication for strong or “good” the unsteady walk, maybe giggles.

    I laid across a strangers bed who later admitted he thought I was OD’ing.
    No No amazing execution finish and rush. Things are kinda numb.

    Oh funny backstory, first points I got were experimental, meaning I wanted to shoot. And get good at it. Man I feel hella good and confident. I water, break, stir, start drawing up. I use very fine 31g insulin’s (I know, I know)
    Side note thick as molasses. Hard to draw up it’s so thick.
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  4. Sazza
    I saw your other thread,I can't believe you're just 18.I started then,now I'm 39 and clawing myself away from a 20 year binge on opiates drink,years of party drugs,pretty much anything that could bend my mind I threw down my neck.I hope you can get out soon babe,you can have the world but that stuff will rob you of everything
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