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  1. It started on day 6 or 7 of not using hydrocodone. I couldn't take the pain. How do people manage chronic pain narcotic free. Someone please tell me your secret. Its mornings and nights. I cant get out of bed in the morning because I hurt so bad. I cant relax my body at night to sleep. I can't concentrate, i cant sit, i cant stand, it all hurts. I need to stop forever this time. I'm concerned about my liver. 3900 or 4000mg a day isnt good at all. Tonight i did my first ever cwe and i could barely choke it down and im pretty sure I lost a good amount of hydrocodone because i hadnt done it before. I dont want to continue that. I don't expect all my pain to go away. A level 3 would let me sleep, i can get out of bed at a 4 or 5 but my pain is usually around an 8 or 9 morning and night. Im working on losing weight. Until i get my liver function checked I want to keep medication to a minimum. So no tylenol or ibuprofen, no more pain pills, only healthy foods. I dont imagine wd should be too bad since its been less than 2 weeks. I have tons of pills to taper but i dont think its necessary and im too worried about my liver. Im seriously scared. Drinking lots of water with lemon juice and focusing on health. My daughter needs me. What the fuck am i doing? Such an idiot. I wish i never took pain pills. They dont even get me high or anything, but i keep taking them like a crazy person. I hate myself right now and i hope im okay healthwise. I know some addicts take tons of pills and have taken tons more tylenol than recommended... lets hope my short term (6 months or so) of high end on the recommended dosage use hasnt done major damage. My physical isnt until the end of November but i might move it up.
    Edited to add: if I stop tonight, it would put the worst days over the weekend and it just so happens my daughter is going to be out at camp so i can be lazy and take care of myself on days 3 and 4. So it works out great!


  1. BadExample
    I wish you success! It sounds like a good plan. I can't even imagine the pain you must go through, nor blame you for struggling to kick this. I'll be looking for an update come Monday.
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