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  1. Idk where this all goes. Some times its good, and i still feel sad. Some days Im sorry i still care.
    Ever heard the story of Mr Faded Glory.......
    Been talking to my alter, says life is what you make it, if you make it death rest your soul away.....
    Its a broken kind of feeling.....
    I want to tell you that i love you... but does it really matter.


  1. Somewhere in the middle
    This is one of the rare times that I appreciate specific features FB has... The different options to choose to 'like' something... Because I can't 'like', I <3 this. I can relate on so many levels.
  2. 999333
    Thanks. Its a song actually,one of my favorites for the same reason,"Chloe Dancer". Except the first line, thats me.The rest is Mother Love Bone.
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