If you need help, help others; To help others best, let them help you - Part 1

By opiatebattler · Apr 16, 2015 · ·
  1. I need a little support please friends...

    Yesterday I was advised to go to ED asap., so I did. My uterus felt like it was contracting and cramping. It had been building for months. I suspected my IUD had moved and am booked for 2 ultrasounds in 2 weeks.

    Dr.James and colleagues, who treated me wonderfully last night, presume I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). The urinalysis will be in by the time I go for my 3 day check up. Meanwhile im on mega anti biotics (which I hate taking)

    The contractions and cramps yesterday were breaking through my 100mg SR 12 hr Tramadol & 2 Period pain pills, to the point of taking my breath away!

    Im on 2 x Tramadol hcl SR 12hrly as a bandaid until I get all my scans done to get to the pain clinic. I need surgery. (Bloods show no artritis). Dr wanted to put me back on methadone! I said 'Never'; Dr: Suboxone. Me: Suboxone makes me sick; Targin (oxycodone and naloxone in wax!), Me: No, I can get a buzz off Targin. How about Tramadol? Tramadol, doc says. I say yeah, does wonders for pain but I cannot catch a buzz no matter how much I take. So we agree on that.

    No antidepressants really work on me. Diazepam does. So also as a bandaid until I get to the Psychiatrist to get formally diagnosed and prescribed properly, my GP has ordered 5mg diazepam tbd. Im also seeing the right Psychologist for me!

    This Dr. told me he would never give me an opiate or benzo EVER, I had to go in and say 'please help me. Im in a position where i can keep self medicating with Targin & Diazepam off my mate or you can monitor me until I get to all these tests and appointments. Please help me!'

    So im on every 3rd day pick ups. I log EVERYTHING that I take and I take my meds as per my Rx.

    Ive been on the mend. Out and about, working on Utopia and doing art, bushwhackin with my new fella.

    I have my 16yo daughter here for 3 days, then im supposed to stay in Sydney with her 2 nights then was going to stay back at the GROW Community to help and be helped.

    Now im too unwell to travel. My family agree its best I stay home. Im a bit upset that ive gotten sick when i was looking forward to my daughter seeing me well. I cant help getting sick though.

    I feel blessed that my beautiful daughter is here to look after her Mama a little. Blessed to not be alone. Great man loving me. Great daughter!

    Im just going to rest as I need to and would love to chat a bit?

    Peace, Love &;Blessings from this Eccentric Hippy at her Utopia


  1. cren
    you have to endure pain for 2 more weeks before a diagnosis begins? Thats tough
    I am glad you have been on the mend, I know you had to dissapper from here so that df wasnt a trigger for you.
    I know its depressiing having to endure physical pain for a long time and I am glad you are not alone. As long as you can keep your mind active you will keep your head above water.
    Love coming your way
  2. Kitts
    Oh no, I'm so sorry you're so poorly. Thank goodness you've got good people around you and wonderful that your lovely daughter is there with you. Try not to feel too disappointed about the travelling, plenty of time to do that later. Your have that beautiful Utopia to enjoy, and try and rest and relax as it will speed healing.

    Lots of love to you,
  3. Beenthere2Hippie
    I'm sorry to hear about your health concerns. It's awful to be in pain, especially when the pain cannot be wiped out right away. You are now officially on my prayer (good thought) list. Please keep us up to date with how you are as time goes on.

    Much love being sent your way-
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