1. I'm so disappointed in myself & in desperate need of advice.
    After quite a few lapses I've now used every day for the last week.
    I'm pretty sure when I stop I'm going to be back to withdrawing.
    I'm so scared to go cold turkey, literally terrified. I need to be functional to look after my boys & my Mum.
    I still have a lot of Suboxone so I could taper again but I think I'm sensitive to them.
    After taking one I feel ill & freezing cold for around an hour so the thought of starting them scares me.
    Does anyone know if I asked my doctor to refer me to the DPS (drug problem service) for a methadone script, would they phone social work about my son's?
    I love my boys so much.
    Or am I being a wimp? Should I just cold turkey since I have a really bad cold anyway?
    Or do a short Suboxone taper?
    I'm so alone & frightened. Any advice or tips to deal with cravings would be gratefully received xx


  1. Lozzle81
    Kava is illegal in the UK hun as I looked into it too as have severe anxiety also. We could get Kratom but it’s not very cheap, do you know how much people need to take cos I’d definitely be interesting in giving it a whirl. Thing is I spent quite a bit of money on ibogaine and it didn’t work so I’m a bit wary these days but have seen LOADS of people raving about it!

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    1. BigPoppa712
      Dang unfortunate kava is illegal! For Kratom a sedation/euphoric/relaxed/opioid-like strain I take is about 7.5-12 Gs of Red Bali Kratom (in capsule form, way less gross). It always makes me feel a great warm sleepy euphoric feeling much like Percocet in my surgery days!

      The best thing about Kratom is it also works as a stimulant (and an amazing one at that). For the best Stimulant one I have had was 2-3 gs of Green Maeng Da Kratom. I take this before work and have tons of energy.
  2. Allie22
    Hey LAC,
    Just saw your post- checking in - how was the weekend?
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  3. LAC
    Allie22 I'm so sorry I never saw your post. You must think I'm so rude.
    I'm unsure how to tag @Allie22 if this doesn't work I hope you still see this.
    Thank you so
  4. LAC
    Much for checking in on me.
    I failed that weekend & still am failing every day.
    I'm doing a lot of soul searching & thinking to figure out why I'm not ready to quit xxx
  5. LAC
    I'm not paying bills & generally just messing my life up.
    I promised my Mum today that I would start Suboxone tomorrow. I've never broke a promise to my family before so I really need to do it.
    My family are my world & mean so much to me.
    I've never been a selfish person who puts myself first so I can't let heroin change me.
    My Mum is really ill & if seeing me get clean again makes her happy, that's what I need to do
  6. LAC
    I've done it. Took 2 small doses of suboxone an hour apart.
    It doesn't sound much but for me lately that's a big deal.
    Pointless me using for at least 24 hours now.
  7. Lozzle81
    Well bloody done!!!! You can do this chick you really can!

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  8. Mingo123
    *APPLAUSE* That is determination! Hope your 24 hours is wonderful.
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  9. Estevay
    That sure does sound like much to people like us. Every day I take my Suboxone, it's like I'm choosing, even if only for that day, to do the right thing instead of going further down the hole that is my addiction. Not always an easy choice to make, so congratulations to you for making It!
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  10. LAC
    I really wish I could go on methadone.
    I keep dosing the sub to early then I'm to scared to try again.
    Maybe if I take more sub now it will get rid of the leftover illness. I really don't know xxxx
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