In need of support, I want the sober life - Part 3

By runningaway · Feb 23, 2015 · ·
  1. I am still sober, but I am not feeling great. I told my parents about going back to meetings and they have begged me not to go. This is partly my own fault because I went to meetings before but I ended up using with another member. I asked to have the tea commitment at the meeting I went to on Saturday which they gave me and I was feeling very positive and looking forward to going back but now my parents have arranged to come to where I live and take me back to theirs just so that I can't go to the meeting! They have offered for me to go to a meeting where they live but I don't want this, I want support round my area. My parents call me every day so would know if I was lying to them. I feel awfully trapped. I feel like they control me, although I know they only do this in my best interest. I have not drunk or used anything and to be honest I feel too drained anyway!!


  1. frizz
    Wow, never heard of anyone objecting to meetings before. I'm sure they have your best interests at heart but it's not making it easy for the bad influence still going to the meetings?

    Do you have any other family who can support you and help you talk to your parents?

    Families can suck but they can also rock. Hope you get some peace and support.
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