In need of support, I want the sober life - Part 5

By runningaway · Feb 25, 2015 · ·
  1. I am definitely feeling much better physically and mentally. I have contacted a counselling service at my university to let them know that things went a bit down hill for me, I am trying this time to do something about my problem before its too late, even though I am feeling fairly okay at the moment this is the time I start to think I could probably get away with having just one. Famous last words!

    I am still annoyed at my parents about the meetings but I did manage to get some numbers so I am going to contact a woman and see if she would like to go for a coffee with technically I'm not going to any meetings :)

    All in all life is pretty good, I need to remind myself that this is why I am staying sober x


  1. Kitts
    Hi Runningaway,

    Well done for the excellent progress you've made.

    Have you looked into the possibility of online meetings?
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