In need of support, I want the sober life - Part 6

By runningaway · Mar 15, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi I haven't looked into online meeting, that sounds like a good idea. I am actually managing to get to meetings, my parents still don't know but I will be honest with them when the time is right, I am coming up to 30 days sober on Friday very happy about that.

    All in all things are going well, I have the occasional wobble but I am doing all the right things. I am speaking to other members of the fellowship, joined the gym, healthy eating and trying to keep busy to avoid boredom. Hope everyone else is well x


  1. frizz
    That's amazing! Well done, you should be proud of yourself. I'm sure your parents will see the benefits of meetings in the long run? Keep up the good work!
  2. Kitts
    Wow well done! 30 days is awesome! :) You've done a really great job and come such a long way.

    As Frizz says, hopefully your parents will see the good effects of meetings when you feel it's the right time to tell them. Keep up the great work :thumbsup: x
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