In the hands of the mind, body, soul. - Part 2

By reyqaz · Dec 26, 2014 ·
  1. So here I am. That was a wrong decision. It's almost New Year's Eve. Today I am steady at one in the morning and one a night of tapentadol and pregabalin when pain spikes. This works best for me. I think a lot and I mean a lot which gets kind of troublesome when I have a headache which just won't go away. I worked out today and the endorphins felt good.

    They say that we're all addicted to something, if we are to things that will harm us we just have to replace a bad habit with a good one. Anyone here knows which are some good habits ?
    I plan to move soon and that's going to have to be good this time I really wish for the best.

    Had dinner with family tonight and it was great! I've learnt that happiness is available for us all and we have to find it, that's the aim for everyone everyday. Find the happiness that heals you.

    I want to wish the world a merry Christmas!


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