I've been mainly just on valium for a week after twenty years of xanax - Part 33

By anywherebutup · Aug 14, 2014 · ·
  1. That's a ton of melatonin! I take 5 mg. and didn't know you could take more. Might have to try that.

    You sound like you're doing great! Even with hellish mornings, you'll make it through.

    I cut my hair off, don't laugh (it was long and girlish), so that I would have to be more patient and so that I could visually watch my taper, if that makes sense. It should be back to what I would consider "long" when this taper is over. That was this weird psychological moment of forcing myself to commit to this stupid, long process while creating a tangible end in site.

    I feel like I've hit a real impasse reducing so I've gone back to 19 mg. and am just sitting there now, waiting. It's only been a week and a half or so since I reduced, but I really barely feel alright and don't want to go over the edge. Hopefully, my brain will get used to this. Every few doses, I try to nick a bit off so that it's stlll a bit less at least. But I'm trying hard to get "okay" with this current dose because I have to stay functional. I'm on the precipice of anxiety attacks more often now and can feel it, but I haven't actually gone over the edge yet, thus my maintaining my dose for the moment.

    This is so not fun. Before, I wasn't feeling it at all.

    Take what you read in some stride because I found 2.5 mg cuts were personally too large for me, and then I read others dropping micro-bits off each day with water titration, and I wouldn't do that either, so it's all between you and your neuro-receptors ;)


  1. Roaddoggy
    Ya, that's for sure. Its all about your rate of healing. Also I'm told % wise, you can make larger cuts at the beginning. Also you had to get adjusted to valium. Where when I started my taper, I was already on a steady does of valium. But in make another cut in 2 days. It will be another 2.5mgs. I must say besides the mornings, The last couple of days have been OK. Its just hard to get enough sleep. Much love. Roaddoggy...
  2. anywherebutup
    Mystery solved... I was doing the math wrong and am at 18 mg, so my cut was a bit bigger than I realized! Starting to feel better but still holding for a bit longer.

    Glad to hear you are sleeping x0
  3. Roaddoggy
    well good to hear you figured it out. I made a 2.5 mg cut 2 days ago. I guess I don't feel it quit yet, well maybe a little depressed. But ok so for . I'm down to 25mgs. hope to make another cut in about 13 days. I should start feeling rough in a few days. But hopefully not. We will see. it looks like your coming along. Hope you get to feeling better. Much love. Roaddoggy....
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