I've been mainly just on valium for a week after twenty years of xanax - Part 37

By anywherebutup · Sep 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Updating to note that I've dropped to 15 mg valium per day since I was not having symptoms (finally, blissfully, no idea why) after the last drop and started that dose on Thurs Sept 25:

    5/5/5 or sometimes 5/10 -- I'm finding that the 10 mg. will get me through the day if I take it at noon.

    At work, twice per week, I'm still having to increase it usually to around 25 mg.

    So progress! I am continuing to taper.

    And if it weren't for my journal, I would lose track completely... I found my account had some problems, unsure why, but I'm glad I could fix them! This forum continues to be a lifeline for me.

    Blessedly and unusually unsymptomatic for the moment. I like this "taper five days" and "taper some, but not too much" for two days. I plan to keep taking medication when finally not addicted, but something short-acting to avoid becoming addicted since I only need for situational anxiety, I think.


  1. Roaddoggy
    Well I wish you the best of luck. I have been holding on 25mgs, for about a month. I have a memorial I must attend, soon, so I dare not make a cut know. I'm starting to get used to 25 mgs. I feel I am ready to make a cut, but must wait.

    I'm glad to hear your doing better with your cuts. it gives me some hope. I'm wishing you the very best, and thinking of you. Much love. Roaddog....
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