ive finally jumped from 20 year Heroin habit - Part 73

By charliecat · Aug 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Tryhard
    Always there when I need picking up..cheers mate x

    Today's been tough..the minutes seem like hours and I could happily smash the clock of the wall...and I'm so bored but not well or strong enough yet to go out and socialise..stuck to my sofa watching tv

    I had to go out earlier to stock up on weed..took my bike and literally had to ride past several places I could have scored from but didn't. I can't avoid it cos it's everywhere in this city so I gotta get used to it. There's probably not an inch of this city I've lived in practically all of my life that doesn't have some drug connection for me. I'll just have to make lots of new clean memories from now on.

    Back to work for me tomorrow so im trying to get everything ready as pretty sure the anxiety will be high when I wake..that is if I get any sleep tonight.
    Just ticked over into start of day 6 that's 144 hours clean of everything apart from weed. Its been tough and real hard on my body again so I would be a complete idiot to go back now. Just think I may never have to feel as bad as the last 6 days have been ever again..this could be my last detox ever..what an amazing thought


  1. prescriptionperil
    You're doing amazing. You should be so proud. Take that money you would have spent on heroin and regularly treat yourself to something. Keep pushing ahead.
  2. marathonmel7
    Hey Charliecat! Congratulations on day 6! Wow what an accomplishment. I'm so happy/proud of you. You're really doing it this time. I understand withdrawals all too well as I am a heroin addict too. I know you can do this though. You've got to keep digging in and make it through to the other side .I agree you should treat yourself as a result of this sobriety. Take the money that you normally spend on H and go and spend it on yourself and your kids or simply just put it in a drawer and save it. Sometimes saving money is more gratifying. You can do this though. You're almost there. Just keep pushing through these next few days. They are going to be challenging but just thinkā€¦ You never have to go back to that life again. You can leave it all behind.

    Woo hoo! Keep on keeping on! You've got this. 6 days down and onto day 7. Take care Charliecat.
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