ive finally jumped from 20 year Heroin habit - Part 88

By charliecat · Feb 15, 2015 · ·
  1. Coming into day 7 but feeling worse than ever. Another night of absolutely no sleep. Watched a drug bust out my window across the road early yesterday evening The feds were actually undercover as painter and decorators and rough as fuck with their prey. I felt so sorry for those guys knowing they are probably looking at years behind bars just for selling a bit of dope and I bet the barstard feds celebrated with a drink or two which in my mind is far worse than using dope. They are happy to drink alcohol and use violence but fuck anyone who wants to sit in the privacy of their own house and smoke a spliff or use dope. Fuck this world is fucked up. Anyway so glad I wasn't in that house at time of bust. Small mercies.

    It's 7am now and I feel to sick to write anymore. The day must surely get better.

    charliecat added 835 Minutes and 35 Seconds later...

    I've had a really good day and feel like I may have turned a corner. My friend dragged me out even though I protested and wanted to just stay in my bed feeling sorry for myself. She took me for a drive with music blaring while we reminisced about all our antics back when we were kids. I laughed so much I actually forgot about my withdrawals at times. Laughter really is the best medicine and I don't nearly do enough of it when Im doped up. I am so grateful to her for her persistence to get me out of the house. We finished off by having a lovely meal and she dropped me back home about 9pm and now I feel ready to get some much needed sleep which I think may just happen.
    1 week clean...wow I can't believe it
    Day 8 starts tomorrow
    Thank you everyone for your on going support....goodnight


  1. soso
    Well done Charlie you've done it, again lol
    I'm not surprised though, I know you can handle withdrawals because I've followed your thread from the start and you've done a lot of withdrawals.
    This next bit is where you might start to struggle, you got to decide whats next for Charlie?
  2. marathonmel7
    Yay Charliecat, so damn proud of you! I am so proud of you! Leave that shit in the past, get out and enjoy your life. Don't end up in a hospital bed facing heart surgery like me at the age of 33 :(

    Keep up the good work! You've got endless respect and support from me! I'm so happy to read your thread and hear you had a good day. Sometimes it takes another person to pull you from your sadness and inner turmoil. You can't fight this alone remember that. But, you're never alone, I vow to always be there for you and I mean that truly. I don't care how far away or what time it is. You can always reach me. Good job my friend, keep on kicking ass. Fuck heroin and it's devastation. Get a new life, a lovely life you deserve. Go for it my dear!
  3. Cmenot
    Congrats on day 7!!! Cheering for you Charlie! Laughing is the best medicine!!
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