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  1. I remember once reading that the first 30 days tend to be the most difficult to get through. Physically, mentally and spiritually you are battling to get yourself back to a neutral level. Having just ticked over the 30 day mark I can say without a doubt that it definitely only gets easier with time.. I think the first 1-2 weeks were somewhat challenging if anything (with cocaine anyway) but it really does come down to your mindset, determination and ability to just say enough is enough. Again I can't stress enough the importance of having support, consuming a healthy diet, partaking in regular exercise and keeping yourself busy with activities of interest during this period. Those things pretty much sum up the key components of overcoming addiction in my experience.

    The greatest thing I've gained from quitting and adopting a healthy balanced lifestyle is MOMENTUM. What I mean by that is the accumulative effect of getting things done and the sense of growth and accomplishment that it provides you making things easier and easier to overcome. Think of trying to push a still car in neutral. It's a heavy son of a bitch and very hard to get that first movement going but once you start rolling physics just takes over and your physical exertion is diminished. It becomes effortless.

    This momentum is starting to carry over into all aspects of my life - my relationship with my partner and son is great, my friendships are existent again, my knowledge and understanding of what my passions and interests are have become clear to me, I've begun researching a new course of study I can enrol in that is in line with these interests, I have some really solid business ideas that have come to mind that are perfectly in line with my current interests and passions, I've made a savvy financial investment in the property market, physically I've become stronger working out 5 or 6 times per week, my energy levels are through the roof, my spirits are higher than they ever were when I was high on coke, I'm literally a new man.

    I say all that because I want to highlight just how much we can change our lives in 30 days if and when we commit to making the necessary changes. When we alter our mindset, change our routine, develop healthy habits and get ourselves out of our comfort zone and into a space where we have no choice but to grow, then good things happen. Get rid of anything in your life that is holding you back, people, jobs, drugs, time wasting activities etc. Make today the day you start the process and start building your momentum.

    Below is a video I watched recently that I think could just help someone get over that hump and start their path to sobriety.

    Good luck to all, I will continue to check back in. Peace.


  1. 13B77
    That was interesting.
    And quite inspiring to me
    Thanks for the video. I hope you find your peace.
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