Just looking for support - Detoxing from Oxycodone, again - Part 3

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm back. Here's what's happened since I last posted - some bad, but a lot of good too.

    I was on subs for the past two weeks (extremely small amounts) and I thought I was ready to jump off.

    I jumped off and felt HORRIBLE - so I made a huge mistake - I got 4 30 mg roxies because I convinced myslef I was withdrawing from the subs.

    Now I have nothing - no bupe or no roxies - it's been 3 days off subs and 1 day off roxies and I feel - well, alright.

    Not good, but not horrible either.

    I'm still committed to finally getting clean. The desire is still strong. Now, I have no bupe and no oxy and I think I can get through this!

    Any words of advice / wisdom are greatly appreciated.

    FightinTheGoodFight added 8 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...

    I should add, through all of this, the hardest part about getting completely clean is WORK!

    I have to remain productive at work - I have to talk on the phone and enjoy being around people. When I'm not on the pills, I just feel like shit and my performance suffers!

    I know the answer is take time off from work, but it's not that easy. It's a very busy time and I can't afford to just leave for a week or two right now.

    Seems like the worst Catch 22 possible.


  1. TappingSoftly
    Strangely enough, I think that may have worked to your benefit (although I wouldn't recommend doing it again). Four 30mg roxies probably isn't enough for you to become physically dependent on oxycodone again, and if it helped you get off the subs, it may not have been a bad thing. The important thing now is to stay clean. You said you're not feeling bad, so this sounds like the perfect time to really make a commitment to stop using. Good luck!
  2. oxywarrior
    You sound similar to me at this point. Work is a tremendous trigger for me, long hours, on my feet all day, dealing with a ton of people. Nothing could seem harder. I'm on day 2,free from Oxy. Walking right now as I type in hopes of releasing some endorphins or sweating out some of the toxins.
    Anyway, I've had some experience with suboxone, for me those wds were worse than oxy. they lasted for months, literally without energy. I did them consistently for 6 months, too high of a dose. 2-3 8ng straps daily... What did I know.

    Anyway, hang in there, I'm right there with you. These pills are pure evil, life ruining, spawn of Satan. I hate them and love them. Just want to be free.
  3. futureman
    I'm about to be in the same boat, quitting oxys after a year of daily use. I won't use subs again because my last kick was he'll getting off them.

    I feel your pain and am going to be feeling mine very soon as well :)

    Gotta do it though, it's already taken all my money, it won't take my soul too.

    I totally understand having a hard time kicking and being able to keep being productive at work. I have a physical job that involves being social and physically active, it makes staying clean very difficult.

    I hope you're doing well. If you need to talk, I'll be around. I start my kick in 5 hrs. And I'm scared, but I'm ready.

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