Ketamine is over

By haloperidol · Mar 25, 2019 · ·
  1. Just a quick update about something I've written about in the past.

    I sought out the help of ketamine when I was rejected from doing more ECT due to memory loss. It seemed the only thing to try other that Deep Brain Stimulation -- and I don't want brain surgery.

    I had about 20 treatments (by comparison I've had 32 ECTs), and the help it gave seemed to diminish with time. At first my response was great.
    It seemed to help with my psychotic symptoms too.

    Ultimately though, I had a treatment on Tuesday, and by Thursday I was in the Emergency Room with severe agitation and hearing voices.

    It's been a good run, but it's over now.

    I think it's fair to say that I was never addicted, as some patients must become. I'm sad it's no longer a help, but it's an easy goodbye.

    So there will be no more ketamine stories.
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  1. jazzyj9
    It wasn’t lasting for me either like 2 days of relief. I decided it wasn’t worth the time and expense.
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  2. SeconalClerek
    ECT my god, the horror stories I've heard from the past, these memory defects can last a life-time. Have you ever tried an MAOI such as Phenelzine or Tranylcypromine these are the best and only medications for Atypical Depression, TRD etc They're not really antidepressants more pro-euphoriants if you will and I personally know they work and if one of these older irreversable MAOI's isnt enough by itself then a psychiatrist can add a psychostimulant on top such as Dexedrine (dexamphetamine) or Methylphenidate (Ritalin), I have been prescibed a combination of Phenelzine 45mg tid and Dexedrine 20mg bid and this was constant daily rocket fuel without much of a real poop out following remission.
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  3. haloperidol
    Thank you yes I have tried both tranylcyromine and methylphenidate, alas they make me more psychotic. But I appreciate your comment!
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  4. SeconalClerek
    You suffer psychotic depression, that sucks, any medication for one will aggravate the other, how does one find a balance. I have no idea with this one and Im never usually lost for words.

    How about the Psychedelics, a little risky in your case, but Ayahuasca or Mushrooms may open something or help you find a path or some meaning, something you may be searching for.........who knows?
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  5. haloperidol
    I suffer from schizophrenia.

    I should give you a better answer than that! I have been under mental health care for the last 20 years. My diagnosis evolved thusly:
    Depression -> psychotic depression -> bipolar 1 -> schizoaffective -> schizophrenia. As most of my challenges are currently not mood related, but rather related to a tenuous hold on reality. I hope that makes sense.

    Maybe psychedelics one day, right now I’m in program that disallows non-prescribed drugs.

    I’ll have to keep my eyes and ears out for them!
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  6. Jack Davis
    I'm sorry you didn't get any relief from ketamine. I imagine that plenty of people experience more side-effects than benefits but I'm not sure if that's true. But hey, maybe there is or soon will be some good clinical data out about the subject considering it seems like a lot of people are trying this treatment. Out of curiosity, was it covered by your insurance at all?

    Also, I think I've heard disassociatives, specifically ketamine (and of course PCP but maybe not in the context this was said), referred to as the dark side of psychedelics. Maybe someone could tell me where that quote comes from?
  7. jazzyj9
    I think everyone has unique brain chemistry and some people just don’t respond enough to ketamine. Medicinal use is different from drug abuse so maybe that is the dark side? Ketamine for depression is different than dosing daily at large doses.
  8. haloperidol
    To answer @Jack Davis, no the ketamine itself was not covered by my insurance — yet. The doctor has worked with us trying to submit his consultation time with us under different codes so we may get a few dollars back for that.

    As @jazzyj9 says, ketamine is administered in a controlled context so less likely to produce bad side effects. If someone starts to have a bad time the doc administers midazolam.
    I was a little different in that my adverse effect (psychosis) didn’t show up for another 24-48 hours after the treatment.
    Who knows, I may go back some day.
  9. Jack Davis
    I see, best of luck in trying to get some of that back, I think it's outrageous how obscenely expensive some of the clinics are for what isn't a particularly expensive procedure whatsoever. If they really wanted to help people I think they'd make it more affordable, but I guess "they" is really just an apathetic and exploitative economy that I don't really understand...

    I think having that kind of care is ideal, I imagine any psychedelic therapy would probably be best with a benzo or sedative on hand in case of a bad experience. I think another perk of the controlled environment is that it's less likely you'll abuse ketamine as most people would be prone to do.
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