Kicking methadone - Part 1

By In2the_void303 · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Well it's 43hours after my last dose I don't feel nearly as bad as I thought I would. I never tried kicking methadone before but I have missed weekend doses at my clinic before (sat & sun two days) and that was really bad however I was at 200mg this time I tapered down to 5mg so I definitely suggest tapering as low as you can before you try and kick get to 1mg if possible. About 10hrs ago I did start getting some bad stomach cramps and the runs, about 6hours ago the cramps started again so I took some Imodium, took a hot shower, drank some hot chocolate (used milk not water), smoked some cannabis (not everyone smokes cannabis but I find it helps me a lot wouldn't do it if your on probation or anything like that but I live in colorado so it's easy to get & you can grow your own), I laid down put a small pillow under my waist (use a towel or something if you don't have a small pillow), put another pillow between my legs, it also helps me if I lay on my left side that May or may not help you get a little sore if you lay like that to long though, but next thing I know I woke up 3-4hpurs later I can't go back to sleep now but a little sleep is better then none right! My throat is a little sore from my constant runny nose draining while I was asleep and I had some broken bones I never let properly heal & I definitely feel pain in those areas but all and all not as bad as it could be I've been keeping a more detailed log in my phone notes that I'll edit (change the text speak) and post on here when I start to feel better. Stay strong bros!


  1. Jungledog

    Welcome to R & A! You will find endless support from the amazing group here. This group is truly getting clean and working to help each other stay in that 5% club.

    I would love to know more about your journey. What was the DOC that led to methadone? Most of us struggle with life challenges that led to or complicated our drug use. Like I suffer from chronic pain as well as PTSD and depression. These combined led to my abuse of oxycodone. Getting through the physical detox for me (although hell) was much easier than wading through the emotional reasons for my use. When you are ready, unload those things here and we will listen.

    Weed helps many people get through detox. I found gabapentin and clonidine helped me the most as did kratom (but that I use mostly for pain). I wish you the very best.
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