Kicking methadone - Part 2

By In2the_void303 · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Thank u very much I appreciate the support and hope one day this can help someone else!

    I started my decent young around 11yrs I drank a lot my dad worked a lot and my mom wasn't in the picture so I had very little adult supervision. I started just taking drugs when I was drunk then I started just taking any and everything coke, meth, ecstasy, every hallucinogen, pills, cold and cough meds, anything someone told me made me high I took it (I was lucky I had good friends that kept me safe while I was messed up), then I tried heroin when I was 13 I just started shooting it right away and ignored everyone's warnings. I was a great hustler. Then when I was 17 I got a bad abscess on the back of my hand and I couldn't hide it so my dad found out and took me to the methadone clinic I continued to use for a while but eventually stopped just got tired of it and have been clean from everything but cannabis and methadone for 6yrs now. I made an attempt to taper before but my councilor refused saying I would relapse from cannabis use and they took me back up to my dose before I started tapering 200mg eventually that councilor was fired for being responsible for the death of another patient and an investigation started that got all the higher level doctors and nurses fired and they brought in an almost entire new staff I got a new councilor that has been supportive! It took a couple years but I finally tapered to 20mg but a fee increase and loss of Medicaid made me speed up my taper

    For me the thought of going through withdrawal held me back. The withdrawal is what's hard for me. My son gives me a lot of strength and generally I've always been a happy person but I do worry a lot and am extremely weak when it comes to a lot of pain. I keep psyching myself out essentially I think to much!

    Thank you again for your support I'm glad to have other people to talk to about this kind of stuff my husband has never used and my dad never used enough to get addicted and all the people I would ask about it to at my clinic were all very negative and not very helpful. Also sorry about my grammar that's the next thing I gotta work on.


  1. Mr Bumble
    Nothing like kids to give you motivation. Sounds like you've done well reducing to such a small dose. I don't really have any experience of coming of methadone so not sure what you should expect. Probably the worst part will be around 72 hours, when it's really starting to get out of your system, hang in there and stay tough
  2. In2the_void303
    Thank you very much for the support it really helps I'm at 48hours now I don't feel that bad I felt worse a week ago when I caught a cold so it's not so bad. Yeah having kids can motivate you to do things you never thought you would do I just don't want to limit his life because I have to be at the clinic 6 days a week early morning every week . And again thank you !
  3. SoozyQ

    Welcome to DF and congratulations on stopping the methadone :)

    I was on methadone for 16 years or so 120mg, which I tapered off over about 16 months. Been off it since last August.

    Inability to sleep, restless legs and 'the runs' were my three difficulties. But also prone to colds which I wasn't before.

    So try to eat as well as you can, get some exercise and keep positive. I found that the symptoms came in waves and the further from the last dose I got, the less frequent the waves. Cannabis definitely helped me too :)

    All the best, life after methadone is grand:D

  4. In2the_void303
    Thank u very much! And I appreciate the support. The last couple days were pretty rough but I feel a little better today! I've noticed I have had the same experience so far of having waves of good and bad. But it's much better then if I had not tapered!
  5. SoozyQ

    Good to hear you are hanging in there :)

    I agree that tapering is important but so is a good positive attitude, which you seem to have. I tried to see the withdrawal symptoms as a positive sign that my body was adjusting. Four or five months later, I'm back to the old me (except I'm 17 years older)

    Continued best wishes xxx
  6. lostlygirl
    How are you doing today? I am tapering from Fentanyl and am not where you are yet. To be honest I am a little scared of the jump.

    What have been your worst symptoms?

    lostlygirl added 10 Minutes and 27 Seconds later...

    I also live in Colorado but have never tried cannabis. Such a shame, really. I am afraid I may like it a little to much! O well...sigh.
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