Kicking methadone - Part 3

By In2the_void303 · Jan 14, 2015 · ·
  1. Thank you very much sorry I didn't reply sooner I caught a wicked cold or flu which has made this so much worse I'm still staying with it though I'm on day 9! I'm starting to feel better I have some aches, and pains but I don't know if it's from the cold or withdrawal or both either way feeling better!

    Thank you very much I try to just keep looking forward and know that I'll be able to live how I want and where I want once I'm done. I always wanted to live in the mountains but because of methadone I couldn't there's only a few clinics spread out and far between up there and they're not cheap, so I've been stuck living in Denver pretty close to the cheapest clinic in colorado and now having a kid I want to get out of the city but the only way I can do that is staying off opioids, synthetic opioids and all that other stuff! Your right though having a good positive attitude helps otherwise I've seen some people get really depressed but I haven't and I think having goals and dreams helps me not get depressed!

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    I have to say the bad symptoms are stomach cramps, restlessness, and not being able to sleep so much I have to say tapering is the way to go I never tried kicking at higher doses but I did miss a few doses at 200mg and it was way worse then any of the withdrawal I've had now but I also got sick so it probably masked some symptoms but still not as bad!!! It is scary but I suggest you set some goals it really helps when you keep looking back at why you are doing it and what you will be able to do without it! Just even little things. The only things I've used so far for my withdrawal is lots of cannabis and lots of Imodium and that has really helped me cannabis is one of those things you like it a lot but you can quit if you have to. I guess everyone's different but since I've dealt with opioids and all that if there's no physical withdrawal it's not addicting, its that people don't want to quit it.

    I've had to quit cannabis a few times because of new jobs I had to quit for 6 months last time I got a job because when you get hired they give you a random mouth swab but they're very slow about it so I quit then the next thing I knew 6 months passed and finally they did it. But in the last 8years of methadone addiction and before that 5+ years of heroin addiction this is the longest I've not taken anything and it's only been 9days. When I stopped taking cannabis I was just like "this sucks", when I stopped taking methadone I was really scared, nervous, and anxious which I rarely am! Of course cannabis isn't for everyone but I have found that it helps me In daily life and has really helped me kick methadone.

    Eventually I wanna just get to only using cannabis I already cut caffeine when I was pregnant (well I'm sure I get a little from something's I eat but nothing extra), I reduced my sugars a lot, I wanna quit smoking nasty cigarettes cannabis has helped me reduce the cigarettes I smoke, I quit drinking alcohol which when I drink I also crave cigarettes more so that helped me reduce the cigarettes I smoke and cannabis also helped me quit drinking and drinking got me in lots of trouble I've never been in trouble smoking cannabis even before it was legal here. And of course you can ingest cannabis in even healthier ways then smoking it (like eating it) I just enjoy smoking it! It's all about willpower though and knowing when to stop smoking if you have random u.a's at work I wouldn't recommend it.

    Well good luck to you and I hope you are successful it's hard but tapering very much helps just keep your head up think positive I found getting out & walking like a block or two everyday helps its hard to get up and do it but once you do it starts to help a lot it also makes time go a little faster just don't stand still that was hard to do for some reason but walking I was ok and made me feel better.

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    Sorry the first message I posted today was meant for you I just figured out how to reply to a single message.

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    I meant SOOZYQ maybe I haven't figured this out should of previewed that last message before I sent it sorry!


  1. SoozyQ
    I knew what you meant LG :D

    Glad to hear you are doing well and staying positive.

    Stay strong, you are doing an awesome job.

    Cheers xxxxx :joint:
  2. Werecat
    Hi! Well done on day 9, I hear methadone is one of the hardest to kick. So hard, sometimes I wonder about the benefits.

    So just for interests sake (I don't take heroin so it's just educational), what are the advantages of methadone to help stop heroin use? Hope you don't mind me asking.

    I've visited Denver briefly once and it seemed pretty nice though I wouldn't want to live there (maybe nearby).

    Keep on going.
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