Kicking methadone - Part 4

By In2the_void303 · Jan 14, 2015 · ·
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    Thank you very much and it's cool questions are always good! After being on methadone for so long I really have a bad opinion of it now! I feel that it is the same as heroin (well it isn't but there to much alike) It sucks however if you take it like they recommend it which is a low dose and like 2-3 weeks just long enough to get over heroin withdrawal it would probably be ok. But the methadone clinics out here (and I'm guessing most over the country) want long term patients and it's like they try to convince you that you need it and them to help you get over addiction. they convince you that you have no power over your addiction!

    It took several years and many complaints to the patient advocate just to get my councilor to start my taper and after she would constantly make "mistakes" in paper work so my dose wouldn't go down when it was supposed to and it would be lower then the amount I wanted to decrease. Also when I started the program I asked my then councilor how long I should be on it she said about two years (which is still to long) but it would have been 9years for me in march. The thing is with all of that addictive stuff is sooner or later you have to face your addiction and you have to face the withdrawal the longer your on it the more of a habit it becomes which also makes it harder to quit. Any addiction takes some of your freedoms away and some pleasures of just being human and it does change people.

    The only benefit I can see of methadone is for someone with chronic pain but for withdrawal allot does is move you from one drug to another everyone from my methadone clinic believes it is so much better and they're leading a normal life but I don't see it I don't see it being a normal life and it still does the same thing to your body so I don't see how it's better the only benefit I kinda see is its cheaper but it's still expensive $75 a week here for the cheapest clinic every week.

    Denver is a decent place but it's just like any city it may look different but it's got the same guts as every other big city. I prefer the mountain towns the out skirts of Bailey, colorado is where I would want to live


  1. ozzmosis
    hey there. i relate to my son being my motivation. i posted a thread on here and ive overdosed a few times and lived a bad life but it gives us a chance to be a good parent and im on day 45 of no methodone and i used oxy 17 years and methodone 3 years and quit cold turkey at 105 mg. you can do this. it does get better my friend. my emotions for my past have made it hard but your child needs to remain your focus. reclaim your life. read the serenity prayer its powerful knowing it and use the people here cause they are amazing. were all in this together
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