Kicking methadone - Part 6

By In2the_void303 · Jan 24, 2015 · ·
  1. It's cool ask any questions you want I started this to hopefully help anyone who has to go through this! It's day 19 now for me now and the only problems I'm having is laziness, a few stomach problems, and my SLEEP SCHEDULE definitely the lack of sleep sucks a lot I do sleep but it's for a few hours then I wake up and can't go back to sleep then I nod off during the day cause I'm so tired and for me its unusual cause I'm a heavy sleeper and can normally sleep at least 8hours straight so it's hard not being able to sleep like I normally do the first 10-14 days were the worse but after that I sleep a little better everyday.

    I've only been using cannabis and Imodium during the withdrawal and for me it has helped a lot. Day to day i force myself to get up and walk as much as possible even if it's just to smoke a cigarette and pace around my house for ten minutes so I try to actually get out and walk a couple blocks twice a day but the weather here has been up and down it'll be warm a few days then it snows and when it does I'll go for a drive or a very short walk its hard to start doing but once I do it has really helped! I've been trying to eat better and take my vitamins regularly. I've been drinking a lot of water even though I prefer sprite.

    I've been listening/singing to my favorite music a lot everyday I crank up the tunes and sing along I like fast beat music that gets you pumped up it makes me feel better and happier even if the song isn't necessarily a happy song (I listen to older punk and grunge the most). Sex has also helped me a lot around day 15 my sex drive came back and I found it really helped at least twice a day once in the morning helps start the dAy off good and once before bed to make me tired it seems like a lot but it really helps. Lots of hot showers helps to you just feel refreshed it also helps relax at bedtime! At night I eat a banana before bed and smoke some cannabis that really helps. And if I wake up in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep i get up (don't try to lay there and go back to sleep it doesn't work for me at least) throw on my headphones blast some music smoke some cannabis make a little food and play video games my son got me in to minecraft really helps kill time or I also love the elder scrolls series anything mmo, RPGs really kill time and you get in to it you start to tune out other things.

    That stuff has really worked for me not only to help with withdrawal but also I feel happy I haven't had any depression or anything like that and I haven't wanted to use any opioids or synthetic opioids. I feel more like myself mentally anyway I've been doing opioids for a long time and I just kinda stopped thinking about the things that I did really like but all that's coming back now I'm starting to get interest back in the stuff I used to like!

    Well stick with it it's worth it and it slowly but surely gets better and even though it takes a while you start to get back to normal! Take care and stay strong

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    Well day 20 is here and I actually woke up feeling pretty good today still a little on the low energy side but other then that I'm great! I think the worst is over thankfully and I appreciate all the support from everyone on here!


  1. Cmenot
    Great job in2 the void! I think that long taper probably helped you avoid a lot of the problems others face when withdrawing from methadone. That and your fantastic attitude! Keep it up--- I wish you all the best!
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