Kratom Withdrawal 7 month Addiction - Part 6

  1. Well, I just re-read my original post on this thread and realized that it is a little misleading. I say "last night" twice referring to two different nights. The reason for this is that I began to write the post at some point in the second night and miraculously fell asleep. I then finished it the following day, but when I proofread before posting I somehow missed that I made reference to two seperate nights while sounding like I'm speaking of the same night. I also have some grammatical errors throw in places. I apologize for this.

    Anyway, on day 9 now:
    Feeling about 99% back to normal physically. I still have some issues with boredom if I'm not able to stay busy, but again the weekend is coming. I am also having a little insomnia, though it's nothing major. I fall asleep perfectly fine, but at random intervals throughout the night I wake up and it takes me a little while to fall asleep again. I'm sure this will fade with time. I don't want to take anything for it because I've never had issues sleeping in the past and I'm confident that that my sleep pattern will normalize soon enough.


    The weather here is in that awkward phase right now where one day it can be 65 and the following day 25. I am definitely trying to take advantage of the better ones as much as possible. Also, I grew up in a river town so I have always loved fishing for flathead catfish at night.


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