Life is good Well most of the time. - Part 11

By DEJA · Jan 20, 2015 ·
  1. I spent 4 months in rehab thought I knew it all.....turns out I didn't know shift. The disease model of addiction etc etc ....I went through with it all and yet here I am.
    I'm seeing a shrink . I'm in Asia ATM.....and this is what we have here........I'm so angry that I lost control.......and as if things went bad I was smoking weed like cigs. God knows when I can be in control of my life.
    We tend to blame this and that but the problem is me. I'm a hopeless addict alcoholic and will always be one. Sometimes I forget this and this is what gets me in trouble.
    ATM I have no w/D's but this episode got me thinking.
    We must always surrender and accept the junkies we are ...never lose this side of yourself.


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