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  1. My reasons for starting this journal are 2 fold. First, I'd like to attempt to document my actual drug use verses the use I tend to downplay in my own head (so good at lying to myself). It's self accountability really.
    My second reason is to document my good days (days when I don't use substances which are bad for me in order to cope).
    As of today, I use a variety of herbal supplements (including green flowers), which are good for me, and I will document that as well.
    So, no opiates or benzos were used in the making of this entry, lol.
    I have taken l-theanine in a dose of 300 mg x2. I smoked some bud, and I feel alright. I plan on going out to eat with the family tonight. Maybe I will get some unpasteurized beer for later on.
    Any questions are welcome. Have a great evening.

    About Author

    I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. My journey to enjoying life without substance abuse.
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  1. Reasonable
    You're exactly right about the downplay the use in your own head vs. accountability of seeing it in text. Once it's in text, it's not just in the head anymore. That was the same reason I started mine and it's working!
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