Living that old life again untill monday - Part 2

By Sashel600 · Dec 5, 2014 · ·
  1. Lol at the story above !! This site is so cool cant belive i never had it before this mornings dose of heroin i smoked in the toilet at my gym is wearing of haha and i cant use in my own home cause of family members i am from the uk i am wondering if the brown heroin we get here i think its no3 isit ? If snorted will keep me out of withdrawals as i said i am a smoker and only snorted a few lines last year before i became addicted to heroin and it never did anything so im thinking i i can snort some h will that work , not even looking to get high its just im starting to feel abit rattley and all my family are about . If i cant snort it means fitting 2 new tellys and wall brackets with my dad ( who is also a h addict ) lol feeling shitty. Thanks alot for making me feel better, like i got somwere to turn to because i feel all alone on this planet right now. Its not asif you can turn to your dealer and get this shit of your chest. I am glad you finally found a dose of methadone that is holding you now that must be such a relief. Ive only been back livingg like a heroin addict a few weeks and i tell you what id give to just be back on my daily dose holding me 24 hours a day being able to feel good at work and work out and stuff i just need to make it to monday and this hell will be over. Once i make it there and get stabalised on my methadone again im planning to book into a 21 day detox and get off all opiates. They have pulled my life appart. Cheers


  1. BlondieUK
    Hey, the H here is Afghan brown No.3 and can't be snorted pal, you're thinking of China white which is water soluble unlike Afghan which requires acid (hence all the lemons for those who get to the point), you might be getting confused with Persian which is also brown but can be snorted, either way the H in the UK is generally shite regardless.. Thanks for the kudos but I broke my opiate addiction a couple of years back, now I'm more stimulant based apart from the odd recreational opiate vacation ;)

    Interesting you say that, I have a couple of dealers that are also friends but alot of that is down to how I am character-wise and also the areas in which I live, although it should be noted that they are the most succesful and popular traders in their area. It's just basic biz that people would rather do business with someone who is honest and reliable than someone who obviously couldn't give a shit or has a superiority complex over their customers due to the misguided belief and narcissistic idea that their customers need them more than they need their customers and in turn is why they usually end up getting nicked because treating someone as subservient does not breed loyalty.

    Good luck on the methadone program but my advice is bite the bullet and do a rapid taper, the slight sickness and withdrawal will be offset by the feeling that you're actually getting clean and the finish line is in sight rather than becoming used to it and it becoming routine.
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