Living that old life again untill monday - Part 3

By Sashel600 · Dec 7, 2014 · ·
  1. 2 more times of having to sneak about to use smack then incan get my meth up i habe no idea how i lived like this for a year solid before going on methadone . Its a fuxkin horrible life. You whooe day revolves around making sure u can get and in my case with my current living situation finding a gao in people being out the house to use or hiding innthe back of my car to use its a living hell cant wait to get stable on my methadone again then im goingnto start focusing on gettingn clean off everything . Amen


  1. BlondieUK
    .. wait 'til finding the cash, drugs and places to use aren't the problem but finding a goddamn vein for them to go hide in!
  2. Sashel600
    I dont think that will ever be my problem. Setting it up on the foil and smoking it are sometimes more addictive than the high lol. And most of them time there is no high because in glasgow the heroin is absolotely shite its not very often you get a decent bit.
  3. BlondieUK
    I hear you, I suffered severe "needle fixation" for almost a couple of years and that's what actually destroyed my veins, it would have been better if I'd been using because at least then after hitting a vein it'd be done instead of over and over (and over[and over])..

    Anyway, are you okay now? Let us know how you're doing brother x
  4. Mr Bumble
    British afghan heroin can be snorted. After 6 years clean I relasped through snorting afghani brown and belive me, it does work
  5. BlondieUK
    No shit? I know that it's a common misconception that something has to be water-soluble in order to be insufflated but I'd have thought the need for an acid to break it down would render it impossible.. do you know how it works? I'm thinking something to do with the fat-binders or something along those lines
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