Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 28

By gbread · Apr 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Day 18- 3 in the a.m. and 3 in the p.m. That's 6 loperamide 2mg pills.

    no side effect so far. Slept 10 hours last night! A little sweating and that's it.

    Going out to shave my dog. He is due a bath, also. It's sunny and 80 degrees so I better go.


    You are right. Life is an adventure. A journey. Ive stepped in lots of piles, that's for sure.
    But I know who I am. I doubt myself sometimes, sure. But I am a good, decent person, who
    is trying to live the best way I know how.

    I am better at spotting the people who DONT have what I want. There have been a few recently
    at meetings and I just - back away. Don't have time for the b.s. anymore. I have to take
    care of myself now, no one can do it for me.

    To me, if someone's not serious about their recovery, then I don't have time for them.
    I have enough sh#$ on my plate to deal with them. (sorry on my soapbox)

    Some ppl go to meetings with other agendas, Ive found. I just ignore them and try to do what I have
    to do to stay sober.

    Tonight I am being picked up by a woman who is sober 20 years or more. She is taking me to
    play spades (the card game) with some other sober women. I don't play cards. But I do now!!! haha.

    Why not? It might be fun!!

    Then we're going to a meeting.

    Hope you're feeling better today.
    Much Love, GB

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    Just read that I hijacked another person's thread!?!

    I typed a completely new message to someone asking for help in their thread.

    Sorry about that. It will not happen again.

    I did not see that in the rules!! And I didn't know everyone read everyone else's threads.

    Ill just stick to my loperamide taper guys.

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    Great meeting tonight. We had fun playing spades and sharing stories about our old and new lives.
    Those women are light in this dark world.

    Some anxiety and fear today. Just general blah.

    I hate it when I feel like this. I cannot pinpoint the cause....except....

    I wish now I hadn't written about my crazy ex. It brought up so much pain.
    Plus I just think I shared too much information. Sorry to ramble on, but it just helped
    me get it off my chest, give a little background. I haven't shared it with anyone but this
    forum, and quite honestly now wonder if it's even appropriate to ramble on about my
    personal life and not my recovery from loperamide.

    I hope no one takes offense to it, and if so, someone will probably tag my reputation about it.

    It can just get really lonely here in this big old house.

    Much love, GB

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    Day 19- 3 in the a.m. and 3 in the pm ---6 loperamide 2mg pills.

    I felt like I had the flu all day, achy and feverish. NO I don't have the flu. Oh well, I am riding it out no matter what. I'll pay for that one.

    A friend is coming to get me for a meeting. (a guy - friend) So I am excited about going to a meeting, even though I feel like crap. No it's not a date!

    Been sad and anxious today. Want to give up. Won't!

    What is the point with so much struggle! Did the drugs cause the pain or did the pain require the drug?

    Just feel like crying. Guess I will.

    Sorry guys,
    just being honest,


  1. Kitts
    I'm sorry you're feeling so sad G. :( What is your plan for next week's taper? Are you going to hold fast for a little while? Are you doing any exercise? Exercise can totally transform your mood super fast, it works really well for me. You need to put some happies in your life. You've come a long long way in the last few months, be proud of yourself!

    Don't let the reputation system get you down. Just read up on it so you understand how it works. It's good if you can use the reputation system yourself too. Not enough members do. If you're confused about anything drop me a DM.

    Sending supportive vibes over the pond,
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