Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 36

By gbread · Apr 17, 2015 · ·
  1. Hey guys. Will write more later but Im going to the nurse today at the clinic. I am having horrible anxiety.

    Does anyone have any recommendation as to what I could ask for? I know we cant ask for it, but I could mention something. Do you guys think Neurontin (gabapentin) or Ativan(benzo) could help? I am going to have panic attacks if I don't do something. This is my only medical source other than the ER.

    Thanks, GB


  1. Jungledog
    When I said address the underlying cause, I did not mean everyone has some terrible hurt in their closet they need to resolve. What I meant is people use to numb something. For most it is self treatment of anxiety and/or depression. For others it is situational stress...death of a loved one, failing marriage, job stress,etc...that they numb with substances. Yes, for some they are numbing horrors like war or rape but for many it is just the stress of everyday life. Everyone has stress, everyone. Addicts generally suck at appropriate stress management and yes part of it is genetics.

    GB, you can use clonidine for stress or valerian root. Have you considered treatment with an SSRI? Made all the difference in my life. Loperamide fucks your serotonin levels. You may need short term help to fix it. Hope today is a better day.
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