Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 43

By gbread · Apr 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Ellen,

    Thank you so much for reading and encouraging me on this journey!! Excellent suggestions as well.
    I will try to incorporate those into my new posts! Things I hadn't even thought of.

    First, my highest dose was about 50. I started taking them last summer after successfully weaning off of oxycodone. I was prescribed them for fibroid tumors which ended in a hysterectomy. I was on them for about 4-6 months, give or take. I was never anxious before that. Never had problems.

    So a few months later with lingering stomach issues, I read on the internet about loperamide. (God I wish I hadn't) I started by taking a few (5) a day. They helped miraculously little did I know they were a synthetic opiate. So within days to weeks I was taking handfuls. I never counted really. In my head they were just like tums or some antacid. I never got "high" as it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, but my body felt better. (if that makes sense) Feel like dumb [email protected]# for not knowing.

    So fast forward to November I am probably up to 50 a day. Maybe more as I wasn't counting. Since I didn't know they were addictive I just thought, "oh I need to stop taking these" one day and did. Cold Turkey. Had the flu times 50 and all the other yucky symptoms.

    Well, I ended up in the emergency room 2 weeks later. You know the drill. Flu-like symptoms and ALL the withdrawal symptoms. I wasn't sleeping. This led to a panic attack. In the ER I told the doctor the truth. My dad was with me and he rolled his eyes, "good God - why were you doing that???"

    The doctor kindly told me to taper off of them slowly. He prescribed clonidine and Ativan (benzo) for one month. He said to pick a starting dose I thought I could do. I picked 30 and STARTED my TAPER. So daily it went, 30, 30, 30, then 29, 29, 29 and so on. Some days I dropped 2 instead of 1. WOW it does make me proud to see how far I've come!!!!! yeyyyy!!!!

    So here I am.-- wow-- what a miracle I am!

    I list my symptoms daily pretty much. When I don't list them, they are NOT present. To be honest, the only ones giving me problems are anxiety. And it is totally mild or slight. TOTALLY manageable.

    I have no pain whatsoever yet. 0. yet. And I didn't have any before I ever started these loperamide.

    In the morning, I always have to go to the bathroom several times, but then that's over with. Mornings are a little stressful but I manage. Magnesium and calcium and potassium help tremendously!! And lots of water. and sunshine. and exercise. and meetings. and praying.

    The anxiety is due to the fact that my muscles, nerves and heartbeat are 'waking up' again. The insomnia and restless leg also make you feel anxious I suppose.

    Hope that makes sense?

    Much love and hugs to you!!!!!!

    gbread added 354 Minutes and 46 Seconds later...

    SO to recap today again:
    Day 32 - 2 in the am and 2 in the pm - that's 4 loperamide (2mg)---down from 5 (started at 50 -Nov/2014)

    Good day so far. Kept busy mostly. Took a 2 hour nap which is rare for me.

    A friend brought me some Aloe Vera Juice (organic and pure).

    Was wondering if anyone knows anything about it and if it's healthy, side effects. I did some research online but got mixed reviews?!?

    It's basically for stomach issues, ulcers.

    Much love, GB;)


  1. Jungledog
    Aloe Vera is supposed to really sooth the gut. I personally think it tastes like shit. I prefer boiling ginger root. If it works for you, use it! When is your next drop?
  2. Ellen042
    Wow! So in ONE MONTH you dropped from 50 pills per day down to 4 per day?!?! That's barely believable! I know Roaddoggy went cold turkey down to zero, but he felt like heck for a very long time! You're amazing Gbread! To do that, I'd have to drop from 18 to 4 in twenty more days, but I'm fully suspecting that I'll need to take a bit longer than that. After all, I do have underlying chronic pain. Gbread, I just wanted you to know what an incredible inspiration you are to me! Keep up the good fight!

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