Loperamide addiction withdrawal journey need support - Part 46

By gbread · Apr 26, 2015 · ·
  1. Day 35 - 2 in the am and 2 in the pm - that's 4 loperamide (2mg)---down from 5 (started at 50 -Nov/2014)

    Sweated like a big fat pig last night. Nose is running and I've been tearing up and yawning. Oh yeah, a nice electric zap woke me up at 2 a.m. Nice. Still got 8 hours sleep thank GOD.

    JDog is right. The accumulation of fat in our cells can cause the ventricular arrhythmias and so it is important to get your loperamide taper down to the single digits even as quickly as possible. I am so fortunate Ive not had any issues up to this point. (knock on wood) Loperamide is some dangerous sh#$.

    I might even recommend switching to Kratom and tapering off of it. If I had a do-over, I just might have taken that route. I didn't know about it early on and came this far, so I just kept on with the loperamide. I also have the clonidine, which many cant get.

    Much love to all as I go outside in the beautiful sunshine!


  1. cielochick
    Hi GB,
    I applaud your efforts & success. I did a 2 month taper coming off loperamide in January & February of this year. I had a 40 pill a day habit for about a year. The taper was miserable but about late March I began to feel human again and FREE. I'm an irregular visitor to Drug Forum but I do enjoy seeing people win this particular fight and I have enjoyed your thread. Probably largely because hormones are my life's work, your symptoms of sweats and for lack of a better description, mood swings, seem a little more profound than my experience & most of the other threads I've read. I just wonder if some of your withdrawal symptoms may be perimenopausal. I do know withdrawing is a time of wacky thermoregulation & emotional lability but your symptoms may be a smidge more than I would expect. Perhaps checking that out with your doc may make tapering loperamide a more tolerable experience. I think you're doing amazing. I think your love of family is a beautiful thing. I think you got a brilliant future & you have everything it takes to win & thrive. Regards, CC
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